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    income for Q2 2018
    Through transformation and innovation, we're delivering strong results while improving housing finance

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Transcript: Freddie Mac CEO Donald H. Layton Discusses Second Quarter Financial Results

Freddie Mac's transformation continued in the second quarter, with good business results and strong financial performance, providing the foundation to effectively deliver upon our mission and improve America's housing finance system.

Donald H. Layton
Donald H. Layton

Freddie Mac Forgoes Issuing a Reference Notes Security on its August 20, 2018 Announcement Date

Freddie Mac announced today that it will forgo issuing a Reference Notes ® security on its August 20, 2018 announcement date.  The company’s Reference Notes calendar designates dates that it may use to announce the issuance of Reference...

ISO A+ Schools

In real estate, the adage "location, location, location" still holds true, but for three-quarters of buyers, this really means "school district, school district, school district."

Innovative Financing Keeps Rents Affordable

Our new Mezzanine Loans for multifamily borrowers is another way we're helping lower income families find homes they can afford.

Single-family has reached a Credit Risk Transfer milestone

We have transferred a significant portion of risk on $1 trillion of SF mortgages


Multifamily 2018 Mid-Year Outlook

Multifamily Outlook | Aug 17, 2018

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Freddie Mac surveys lenders each week on the rates, fees and points for the most popular mortgage products. Average Mortgage Rates as of August 16, 2018

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When the hard work is done and I see results, it gives me a strong sense of purpose.

production manager, Multifamily

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I like forging new territory and dealing with large initiatives.

business process director, Single-Family

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I think if you really put your mind into something, you can do almost anything.

IT systems analyst, Single-Family

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