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Business Resource Groups

Freddie Mac Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are voluntary employee-led groups that offer unique opportunities for learning, networking and growth. Each BRG mission is aligned with the mission and goals of the business, all while continuing to foster an inclusive workforce.

  • HR_ID_16161_Abilities


    Supporting, advocating and being a resource for enhancing the inclusion and career development opportunities for our community of employees with physical/invisible disabilities. Also provide support to parents of children with special needs and those in need of elder care.

  • HR_ID_16161_Arise


    Building a strong, enabling community of support for employees of the African diaspora, with a focus on promoting professional and personal growth. ARISE seeks opportunities that help drive business results and contribute to Freddie Mac’s strategic priorities.

  • HR_ID_16161_Green


    Fostering a culture of sustainability at Freddie Mac by engaging employees to find solutions that positively impact our employees, business, community and environment at large.

  • HR_ID_16161_Hola


    Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement- Envisions a Freddie Mac where all employees are aware of and celebrate the unique value Hispanic/Latino employees bring to the organization.

  • HR_ID_16161_InspirASIAN


    Inspire and be inspired. Enhances the professional development of Asian and Pacific Islander employees while promoting an increased awareness of the value they bring to Freddie Mac.

  • HR_ID_16161_Military

    Military Appreciation

    Creates a forum for active military service members, their families, veterans and supporters to collaborate and share experiences that will promote synergy and awareness within Freddie Mac on military service member challenges and opportunities.

  • HR_ID_16161_Pride


    Supports the LGBTQ+ community by creating a culture of non-discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Ensure Freddie Mac is seen as an employer of choice with a safe work environment.

  • HR_ID_16161_Rising

    Rising Leaders

    Promotes opportunities for professional growth through developing leadership skills, behaviors, and experiences at Freddie Mac.

  • HR_ID_16161_WIN


    Women’s Interactive Network- Supports the development of a community of women within Freddie Mac by providing opportunities for networking, leadership and career development.

  • HR_ID_16161_WorkingP

    Working Parents

    Supporting employees and their families throughout the many stages and challenges of parenthood while managing a career, with an emphasis on promoting collaboration, inclusiveness, leadership development and cultural competency at Freddie Mac.

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