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What Homeowners Will Do to Sell Their Homes

Beyond lowering the price, 71% of homeowners are willing to make additional concessions to sell their home in today’s market — whether it’s including appliances, their furniture or paying for a buyer’s closing costs. More


Three Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Today

Your credit is a key factor in qualifying for a mortgage, and the higher the score the better. If your credit score is lower than you'd like, don't despair. These three steps can help you begin rebuilding it today. More


Give Me Liberty...and Eagle, Independence and Freedom

Can you guess how many U.S. cities have liberty in their names? Recognizing patriotic-sounding city names where July 4th is likely to be extra red, white and blue. More

Rental Housing

Taking Aim at Targeted Affordable Housing

It hasn’t been this hard to find affordable rental housing in 50 years – especially for lower-income renters. Attracting private capital to housing that’s affordable to lower-income renters is challenging. Government subsidies help. Freddie Mac Multifamily’s Targeted Affordable Housing team helps navigate the complexities of funding subsidized – or targeted affordable – housing. More


It's a Wrap

Did you know it's the last day of National Homeownership Month? Today we wrap-up our month-long blog series and recap the favorites. More


This Week's Housing Headlines

Lots of economic news in this week’s headlines, along with some excellent analysis on what it means for housing. More


Nation's Largest Apartment Communities

Did you know that the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village in Manhattan’s lower east side is home to about as many people who live in Fairbanks, Alaska? That’s 30,000 people! More

Research & Analysis

Housing Markets Show Little Improvement

Most housing markets remain weak despite declining mortgage delinquencies, improving local employment, house price gains and attractive mortgage rates due to weak home purchase mortgage applications according to Freddie Mac's new housing stability index aka MiMi. More


Are Americans Paying More or Less for Housing?

Did you know that in some states like Maine 3.3% more of its homeowners were spending more than 30% of their income on housing in 2012 than they were in 2005? In California, the opposite occurred. Looking at renters, we see an almost unilateral increase in their cost burden during the same time period. More


Five Generations in Housing

Did you know that 76% of first-time homebuyers are Gen Y? And that only 55% of The Silent Generation finances their home purchase? No matter our age, we all play an important role in today’s housing market. More



Discussions on owning or renting a home, the housing market and housing finance.

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