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Three Reasons Why Mortgage Originations are Down

529: It's not Just for College Savings

This Week's Housing Headlines

Nearly 30% of Housing Metros Unaffordable

The Math Challenge: Whether to Rent or Buy?

Who's Who?

This Week's Housing Headlines

Our Commitment in Numbers

How Do Mortgage Fraudsters Find Their Targets?

This Week's Housing Headlines

Multifamily Mid-Year Outlook: Finding A New Normal

Freddie Mac Legal Department Recognized for Pro Bono Work

Cash-Out Refinancing Ticks Higher As Boom Ends

HARP: It's the Real Deal

This Week's Housing Headlines

Help Around the Corner and Across the Country

Home Sales Pace Slows in June

Housing Markets Slog Forward

Freddie Mac Hires More Veterans

This Week's Housing Headlines

Taking Responsibility

Diet of New Multifamily Construction Leaves Supply Too Thin

Are you Leaving Money on the Table?

This Week's Housing Headlines

What Homeowners Will Do to Sell Their Homes

Three Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Today

Give Me Liberty...and Eagle, Independence and Freedom

Taking Aim at Targeted Affordable Housing

It's a Wrap

This Week's Housing Headlines

Nation's Largest Apartment Communities

Housing Markets Show Little Improvement

Are Americans Paying More or Less for Housing?

Five Generations in Housing

Down Payments and PMI: Get the Low Down

Dissecting High, Medium and Low Homeownership Rates

Millennials Hold on Homeownership

This Week's Housing Headlines

Rent, Swap or Share: Growing Vacation Trends

What $769 Buys You

Renovation Projects with the Best ROI

Student Housing: Goodbye Bunk Beds, Hello Bowling Alleys

Where Inventory is Better

5 Percent Down Payment? You Bet.

This Week's Housing Headlines

Home Improvement Shows 'Bring the House Down'

Use Your Assets

Williston, N.D., Most Expensive Rent in U.S.

Small Towns Odd Names: We are Here

One Loan Per Second

Price Per Square: A Global Perspective

This Week's Housing Headlines

Coming in First...Second

Mortgage Rates Once Hit 18.45%

Look Who's Renting Now

Buying a Home? Get CreditSmart

All in the Family

Celebrate National Homeownership Month

Fixing to Sell REO in Today's Market

This Week's Housing Headlines

Test Your IQ: K-Deals

Blog Email Subscription: Special Delivery for You

This Week's Housing Headlines

Taper Tempered: Mortgage Rates Near 7 Month Lows

Help Could Be Right Around the Corner

Down Payment Assistance: It's The Real Deal

Bigger Pinch: Housing Affordability

This Week's Housing Headlines

Mansion or Yurt: What Can You Afford?

Providing Multifamily Financing to Manufactured Housing Community Owners

Harp, Harp, Harp

Freddie Mac Earns Two Deal of the Year Awards

This Week's Housing Headlines

Our Commitment in Numbers

The 4 Cs of Qualifying for a Mortgage

Interest Rate vs. APR

This Week's Housing Headlines

Mortgage Myths Busted

Five Quick Tips About Apartment Leases

Three Tips for Mortgage Newbies

Attention Renters: Opportunity is Knocking

This Week's Housing Headlines

BBC News: U.S. Firms Give Autistic Workers a Chance to Shine

New Home Sales Slow in March

Green is Part of Our Culture

What's the Point?

This Week's Housing Headlines

Financially Speaking, What's Your IQ?

Rents Go Up Faster Than Incomes

This Week's Housing Headlines

After Winter Chill, Time to Spring Forward

Beware of Phony Rental Ads

Freddie Mac VP Recognized as Mortgage Banking "Tech All-Star"

Protect Your Mortgage Application from Identity Thieves

This Week's Housing Headlines

Hot or Not?

Autism as an Asset in the Workplace

Do You Know How You're Scored?

This Week's Housing Headlines

Taxes Are Not the Only Thing Due April 15th

Housing's Sweet 16

Welcome to Our New Blog

First Steps for Homebuyers

$1 Trillion: The Economic Benefit of Apartment Housing

Mortgage Rates: From Dirt Cheap, to Cheap


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