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  • Going Green: Tax Credits & Rebates

    In the market to make energy-efficient improvements to your home? Be sure to check out federal tax credits and product rebates from your state and local governments and utility company to help offset your up front costs.

  • Moving Housing Forward

    Our progress in becoming a more competitive company continues to move housing forward.

  • Chris Boyle Wins HousingWire Women of Influence Kudos

    Congratulations to Chris Boyle, Freddie Mac Single-Family SVP of Sales & Relationship Management, for being recognized among the housing industry's top 'Women of Influence' by HousingWire.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Whether you're buying or selling, younger or older, new-house hunting, condo shopping or renting, there's housing news of note this week for you. Check out our collection of headlines.

  • Six Down, Six to Go

    We're essentially half way through 2016. So how are homes sales doing?

  • Freddie Mac Multifamily: Innovation in San Francisco

    Here's what it took to keep 1400 apartments in 15 buildings affordable to seniors and low-income families in San Francisco.

  • Financing Your Green: Three Critical Questions to Ask

    If you're looking to finance energy efficient improvements for your home, your first step is to get educated on today's programs to avoid financial pitfalls in the future. Dig in and get clear answers to your questions.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    It's been a low-key week on the housing front, but we've still managed to dig through the headlines and find stories that matter. Check out our weekly summary.

  • Expect the Unexpected Housing Choices in Retirement

    The way renters age 55 and older predict they'll spend their retirement years can be quite different from what they actually experience, according to the Freddie Mac 55+ Survey findings.

  • Faces of HARP Success

    Homeowners nationwide continue to reap significant savings by refinancing through the HARP, with an average savings of $2,400 per year. HARP expires at the end of this year - don't let the savings window close on you.

  • Multifamily: Innovation is Happening

    The first half of 2016 was a showcase of creative solutions, out-of-the-box thinking, strong relationship building, and tangible business results. Here are just a few examples of how Freddie Mac Multifamily has been moving rental housing forward since January.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    House prices are up, but some big cities still have a good supply of affordable homes. Click through for that story and more in our weekly roundup.

  • ISO Down Payment Help?

    If you're in the market to buy your first home, but know you'll need some help with your down payment or closing costs, assistance may be right under your nose.

  • Discount Movie Tickets and Rental Homes

    Something you might enjoy in your mid-50s and beyond: Becoming eligible for discounts at movie theaters, restaurants, and other entertainment venues. You also might prefer to sell your home and rent your next one, or move from your current apartment to another. You'd be in good company.

  • 5 Lessons from the Crisis

    During the crisis, we learned there were 5 major factors for successful loss mitigation.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Mortgage rates drop again and approach their all-time lows. Read on for more noteworthy headlines in our weekly roundup.

  • 3 Steps to 3% Down

    3% down in today's market is the real deal. Today we're sharing 3 steps to a 3% down Freddie Mac Home Possible Advantage mortgage.

  • How Well Do You Know Your Red, White, and Blue?

    July 4th is a holiday to spend with family and friends, enjoying backyard barbecues, and, of course, watching fireworks. It's also the day we celebrate our nation's birthday and the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    The last time the homeownership rate in the U.S. hit 50% was in the 1940s. Could it happen again? That story and more in our weekly news roundup.

  • 3 Benefits of Credit Risk Transfer

    Credit risk transfer is changing the way a significant portion of the U.S. single-family housing market is funded. Learn about it's 3 main benefits.

  • Home Searches Made Easier

    Register today for a free Home Search Account to keep track of your recent searches and receive weekly notifications of new home listings.

  • HARP: Get the Facts and Act Fast

    Over 3.4 million homeowners have been helped through HARP, yet many eligible homeowners are still sitting on the sidelines due to common myths about the program. Follow along as we deliver the facts.

  • Time to Test Your Homebuying Smarts

    Take the time to see what you learned in our 'It's About Time' blog series quiz.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    We've waded through the week's housing news so you don't have to. Here are just some of the interesting headlines we came across.

  • Ahead in May

    We still have some ground to make up but housing remains a bright spot in the economy.

  • Many Returns of the Day, USDA!

    Congratulations to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development on its Single-Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program's 25th anniversary! Freddie Mac looks forward to working together even more closely over the next 25.

  • $650 Billion And Going Strong

    We're celebrating an important corporate milestone — the transfer of a significant amount of mortgage credit risk on $650 billion in unpaid principal balance of single-family and multifamily loans.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Mortgage rates hit a three-year low. Check out that story and more in this week's headline roundup.

  • Who to Contact After Closing

    You were lucky enough to find and buy your dream home during this spring homebuying season. Now you have questions about your loan, so who should you call?

  • HARP: Two Ways to Save

    HARP, a federal program launched to help homeowners who owe more on their home than it's worth, helps borrowers save in two ways: through lower rates and lower terms. Find out if you're eligible for HARP and act fast as the program ends soon!

  • 4 Tips to Keep Your Cool on Closing Day

    The thing you'll probably remember years later about your closing is how many times you had to sign your name. No need to feel overwhelmed! Following these tips will help you stay calm, cool, and collected during your closing.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Some insights into the housing choices of the nation's 55+ population, a drop in mortgage rates, and a scam warning are among this week's most interesting housing headlines.

  • Grandkids Over Golf

    Will Boomers all retire to warmer weather to play golf? Freddie Mac asked nearly 6,000 55+ homeowners and renters about their future housing plans.

  • Steps to a Smooth Closing

    The key to a smooth closing on a house is doing everything you can to eliminate the element of surprise. Like not waiting until the last minute to get a mortgage, closing agent, insurance company, or review your closing document.

  • Beware of Phishers Trying to Hook Your Closing Costs

    Homebuying season can be open season for scams. Don't get caught.

  • Before You Close, Watch This!

    Watch this video to learn about a dangerous settlement fraud that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and stop your home purchase at the closing table.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    What does this week's array of economic reports tell us? This week's housing headlines offer indications.

  • Calculating Ways Homeowners Can Save Money

    During the homebuying process, you're probably focused on all of the related costs. Why not think a bit about how you might save money once you're a homeowner? Freddie Mac's calculators and worksheets can help.

  • Chris Boyle Wins HousingWire Women of Influence Kudos

    Congratulations to Chris Boyle, Freddie Mac Single-Family SVP of Sales & Relationship Management, for being recognized among the housing industry's top 'Women of Influence' by HousingWire.

  • Honoring Those Who Put Their Lives on the Line

    Today ends Military Appreciation Month, but past and present Service members have Freddie Mac's support all year.

  • Addressing Appraisal Errors

    The appraisal value is critical to sellers — who want the highest price — and buyers who want the price they offered and know their mortgage lender will finance. Regardless of which side of the transaction you're on, it's essential to know how to look out for your best interests.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    As the weather warms, the housing market stays hot. Find out why and more: Read our weekly summary of housing news.

  • Making up Ground

    Housing remains a bright spot in the economic outlook and should propel the U.S. economy forward for the balance of this year.

  • Rules for a Smooth Home Inspection

    Home buyers get a limited amount to have their home inspected for big issues (foundation cracks) or smaller ones, like broken outlets. Here's how to make the best use of your inspection contingency period to find out what's behind the walls and avoid unexpected repairs.

  • Freddie Mac Earns Three Mortgage-Backed Securities Awards

    For the second consecutive year Freddie Mac's Structured Agency Credit Risk (STACR®) debt notes have been named RMBS Deal of the Year by Global Capital, a leading financial news and data service covering the capital markets. Freddie Mac also earned top honors for Best Overall Securitization Issuer and Best RMBS Issuer.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    The Wall Street Journal has tips for retirees grappling with the question: rent or buy? Read that and other stories in our weekly summary of news from around the 'net.

  • Down Payments: There's Help for That

    'If only I could afford the down payment, I could buy that home.' You might be able to do both. An acceptable down payment might be smaller than you think (hint: less than 20%). On top of that, you might be eligible for down payment assistance.

  • Dear Seller, Pick Me

    Congratulations, you've found the home of your dreams! Before you submit an offer, you may want to include one thing to set you apart from the competition — a letter to the seller.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Looking to buy a house in a tight market? The New York Times has some tips this week. Read our roundup for that story and other news of note.

  • Try, Try Again: Responding to a Counteroffer

    You've found the right team. You've found the right home. You're all set to name a price and start moving in furniture, right? Wrong! Making the initial offer is often just the first of several steps before signing the contract.