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  • Freddie Mac Leaders Make Industry's Top 50 Influential List

    Following a year of strong fundamentals and record purchase volume, two of our Multifamily employees were named to the Commercial Observer magazine's fourth annual 50 Most Important People in Commercial Real Estate Finance list. David Brickman, EVP and head of Multifamily, and John Cannon, SVP of production, sales and marketing, both ranked 22nd on the list.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Among this week's headlines: An eye-opening story from the New York Times about overcrowded housing, and the physical and emotional toll it can take.

  • Did it Work? Test Your Knowledge

    Take our quiz to test your knowledge on How it Works.

  • 3 Ways Your Tax Refund Can Bring You Closer to Homeownership

    The average 2015 tax refund is $3,120 so far - what will you do with yours?

  • How it Works: Credit Risk Transfer

    Today's video will show you how credit risk transfer works.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    A slew of housing and economic data came out this week. But what's it trying to tell us? Check out some key headlines.

  • More than 3.3 Million People Have Saved With HARP. Could you?

    If you owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth and haven't refinanced into a lower interest rate yet, then HARP is designed for you.

  • How It Works: The Mortgage Loan Application Process

    Read on to see what the mortgage application process is all about.

  • HomeSteps: More Questions Answered

    More questions answered about HomeSteps just in time for spring homebuying.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Didn't have time this week to check out the housing news? We've done the work for you and collected some of the most prominent media reports here.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Didn't have time this week to check out the housing news? We've done the work for you and collected some of the most prominent media reports here.

  • Moving Housing Forward

    See how our work to build a better Freddie Mac and a better housing finance system is moving housing forward.

  • How It Works: The Closing Process

    You'll sign many important documents at closing, the final step in the homebuying process when the property is legally transferred to you. Learn more about what to expect at closing and how it all comes together.

  • Outlook 2016: More Apartments, Low Vacancy Rates, Higher Rents

    The number of apartments added to the market hit a 27-year high in 2015; however, most of the new units were rented quickly and the market remained tight. According to the Freddie Mac Multifamily Outlook 2016, it'll be a similar story in 2016.

  • How it Works: Making an Offer

    Learn about the process for making an offer in our How it Works series.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Economic reports and yet another drop in mortgage rates dominated the week's housing headlines. We've gathered up some of the highlights for you.

  • HomeSteps: Your Top Questions Answered

    Today we answer your top questions to help you start your home search at HomeSteps.

  • How it Works: Amortization

    Your amortization table outlines every monthly payment you make on your loan and its contribution toward equity. Find out how it works and why it's important.

  • How to Avoid Mortgage Fraud in 60 Seconds

    In just one minute this new Freddie Mac video will teach you the essentials for avoiding mortgage fraud.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Another week, another drop in mortgage rates — and just in time for the spring homebuying season. Read that story and more of the week's notable housing news.

  • Putting Our Rental Housing Money Where Our Mission Is

    More than 650,000 renter households across more than 3,500 apartment properties nationwide will benefit from the $47.3 billion in financing that Freddie Mac Multifamily delivered to the market last year. True to our mission, we contributed to every corner of the multifamily rental housing market.

  • How it Works: Mortgage Servicing

    Today in our How It Works series we're focused on mortgage servicing.

  • How It Works: PMI

    If you're in the market to buy a home, you've likely heard the acronym 'PMI.' What is it and how does it work?

  • The Best Year in Home Sales Since 2007!

    Expect home sales to carry this momentum forward in 2016.

  • How it Works: Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

    Is an ARM right for you? Learn how they work before making your decision.

  • Credit Risk Transfer: How Does it Work?

    Our new credit risk transfer infographic breaks it down.

  • Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Online Home Rental Scams

    Law enforcement started the year by cracking down on fraudsters using phony online real estate ads to fleece would-be renters.

  • U.S. Housing Market Continues to Show Strong Improvement

    MiMi sees the best housing improvement in a year.

  • How it Works: Underwriting a Mortgage

    Freddie Mac's How It Works series looks at the different steps involved in underwriting a mortgage.

  • How It Works: The Secondary Mortgage Market

    Follow along with our new blog series, where we discuss how things work in the mortgage market, from underwriting your loan to credit risk transfer. To kick off the series, we introduce you to the inner workings of the secondary mortgage market.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Learn about a new tool aimed at helping would-be homebuyers shop for loans. It's one of the media stories we're highlighting in this week's roundup.

  • Introducing the Real Estate Professionals Resource Center

    Check out our new online resource for real estate professionals.

  • In Search of Roommates as Good as Those on TV

    Living with roommates looks like fun on TV. But it can be trickier in real life. Around one-third of working-age adults share an apartment with someone they aren't related to, and could they tell you stories about their experiences!

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Which housing markets will be hot in 2016? Is relief from ever-rising rents in sight? Will the strong purchase market continue? Read on for insights into these questions and other top issues.

  • Looking to Get More Financially Savvy in 2016? Get CreditSmart

    The Freddie Mac CreditSmart® curriculum is your guide to better credit, money management, and responsible homeownership.

  • Get More Apartment for Rent Signs Ready

    It's official: Freddie Mac Multifamily is the leader in U.S. multifamily housing finance for the first time, providing total funding of $47.3 billion in 2015. This achievement represents important contributions to every corner of the multifamily market – including supporting affordability for those who need it most.

  • GSEs Tout UCD Benefits at MISMO Winter Summit

    Learn what the GSEs had to say about the Uniform Closing Dataset yesterday at the annual MISMO Winter Summit.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Which housing and economic issues are making headlines as 2016 gets underway? Early coverage suggests it's going to be another interesting year.

  • Kitchen, Closet, Bathtub?

    Depending on where you want to live, that's how much house $50,000 could buy you.

  • The Top 10

    The results are in. We've run the numbers and here are 10 most-read posts of 2015. See what interesting topics you might have missed.

  • Tips, Bits & Lists: It's a Wrap

    Today we wrap up our 12 days of tips, bits & lists blog series with an overview of the financial obligations that come with homeownership.

  • U.S. Housing Market Posts Strong Improvement

    MiMi sees the best housing improvement since last summer.

  • Tips, Bits & Lists: Day 11

    On the 11th day of tips, bits & lists, we introduce you to 11 online calculators designed to help demystify mortgages.

  • November Home Sales

    Still on track for the best year in homes sales since 2007.

  • Tiny Houses: Just Right for Retirement?

    Tiny houses and micro-units typically bring to mind Millennials and Generation Xers shrinking their housing costs and environmental impacts. But they could be gaining popularity among Baby Boomers, too.

  • Tips, Bits & Lists: Day 10

    On the 10th day of tips, bits & lists, we take on the 10 words you'll want to brush up on if you're in the market to buy a home.

  • Tips, Bits & Lists: Day 9

    On the 9th day of tips, bits & lists, we feature types of multifamily apartment properties (containing five or more units).

  • Tips, Bits & Lists: Day 8

    Today's 8-question quiz will test your knowledge on down payments.

  • Get Ready, Here Comes Winter

    Winter is off to a mild start in many places across the country but, depending on where you live, that'll change soon enough. So take this time to prepare yourself and your home for the wintry weather ahead.

  • Serious Delinquency Rate at 7 Year Low

    Freddie Mac's single-family serious delinquency rate declined to 1.36% in November 2015, reaching its lowest level since October 2008.