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  • Your COVID-19 Housing Questions Answered Part 2

    If you have questions about housing due to COVID-19, we are here to answer your questions.

  • Your COVID-19 Housing Questions Answered

    If you’ve been financially impacted by COVID-19, find the answers to you housing questions.

  • Understanding Payment Deferral During COVID-19

    Learn how payment deferral can help bring you current on your mortgage.

  • COVID-19 Support for Renters

    If you are a renter struggling to pay your rent due to COVID-19, understand what is available to you.

  • Who to Contact for Mortgage Assistance

    Free assistance is available to help guide you through financial hardship.

  • Freddie Mac Accelerates Payments to Assist Small and Diverse Businesses

    Freddie is accelerating payment terms by 20 days to support our more than 200 small and diverse business suppliers who are directly or indirectly impacted by COVID-19.

  • Understanding Forbearance During COVID-19

    Learn the facts on Freddie Mac forbearance.

  • Avoiding Foreclosure Rescue Fraud

    Learn the common elements of this fraud and how to to avoid it.

  • Avoiding Fraud: Call Spoofing

    Unfortunately, during times of hardship families are often targeted by fraud artists who attempt to take advantage of those seeking assistance.

  • Extending Help to Homeowners

    If you're struggling to make your mortgage payments due to COVID-19, mortgage relief options are available.

  • "Best Time to Buy" Home Maintenance Guide

    When it comes to home improvement, there are a lot of ways to maximize your savings!

  • The Green Glossary

    Ready to reduce your home's carbon footprint? These words and phrases can help you speak green.

  • 29 States with the Lowest Housing Supply

    Depending on what state you live in, you may find your house-hunting options quite limited.

  • Mortgage Rates: Still the Deal of the Century

    If you're in the market to buy a home, today's average mortgage rates are something to celebrate compared to almost any year since 1971.

  • What Drives Renting and Owning Decisions?

    Why do you live where you live? Our survey finds affordability remains a key concern for both renters and owners.

  • Use Your Tax Refund to Buy A Home

    If you're expecting a refund this year, here are 3 ways it could bring you closer to homeownership.

  • A Decade in Review

    We've seen a lot of changes over the past 10 years - and the housing industry was no exception.

  • Is 2020 Your Year to Refinance?

    The trifecta of interest-rate cuts in 2019 boded well for homeowners looking to refinance. Does it make sense for you?

  • Super Bowl Housing Trends

    We're looking at the housing data for the cities participating in Super Bowl LIV.

  • Budgeting for Homeownership

    To calculate your monthly spending, consider the following.

  • Who Does What?

    Each member of your homebuying team will perform different, but complementary roles.

  • A Great Year for Housing

    We're breaking down the housing market's latest trip around the sun.

  • Decoding the Housing Market

    You're likely to encounter these terms when you look up mortgage rates or hear people discuss the "housing outlook".

  • 5 Tips for Mobile House Hunting

    Can apps simplify the search for your next home?

  • A Look Ahead: The Housing Market in 2020

    With low interest rates, modest inflation and a solid labor market, there are many reasons to be optimistic about housing in the coming year.

  • Stop Homebuyers in Their Scroll

    Learn the importance of listing photos when selling a home.

  • Making a [Homebuying] List, Checking it Twice.

    Use our homebuying checklist if you're looking to become a homeowner in the new year.

  • Tis the Season to Sell Your Home

    Unwrap these tips for selling your home during the holidays.

  • In the Know: Manufactured Homes

    For many, the term "manufactured housing" doesn’t conjure images of spacious and updated homes, but perhaps it should.

  • Winter Housing Market = Buyers’ Wonderland

    Find out why winter might be the best time to buy a house, and read tips for homebuying in colder weather.

  • Three Common Real Estate Scams

    Learn about moving fraud, foreclosure scams, and rental schemes.

  • Four Reasons to Go Green

    When it comes to energy-efficiency and your home, there are four notable reasons to go green.

  • Military Financial Readiness: Saluting your Service

    Deployment is never easy, but financial readiness can help minimize stress and anxiety for you and your family

  • Bundling Up Your Home for Winter

    Use this checklist to winterize your home and prepare for the colder days ahead.

  • Would You Buy a Home Next to a Cemetery?

    Buying a home near a cemetery may not be as grave a mistake as you think.

  • 5 Homebuying Reality TV Myths

    How real is reality TV? Here are some homebuying lessons you won't learn from binge watching your favorite shows.

  • The Economics of Renting

    The cost of renting a home involves more than paying monthly rent. Find out what you need to know, for the short- and long-term.

  • Understanding Housing Counselors

    If you have your eyes set on buying a home, but have questions or concerns, consider leaning on a Housing Counselor.

  • The Value of Accessibility

    In the DC Metro Area, proximity to a Metro station has an impact on home prices.

  • What are HOAs?

    A homeowners association (HOA) is a group who enforces rules to protect home values and maintain the quality of life for a community.

  • Calculate for the Cost of Homeownership

    What's the real cost of owning a home? Our calculators can help you budget how much home you can afford.

  • Do You Have a Home Field Advantage?

    NFL stadiums can have a major impact on the local economy and real estate market, where does your team rank against the rest?

  • The Best Week to Buy a Home

    With kids back in school and the days getting shorter, some families may think it wise to wait for the spring or summer buying season to find a great deal on a new home.

  • Clearing Up Commission

    Wondering how real estate agents get paid? It's time to learn about the real estate commission fee.

  • Six Home Improvements Offering the Highest ROI

    Not all home projects are equal when it comes to earning you a return on investment.

  • Pricing Out PMI

    We're here to explain what PMI is and how it can be to your benefit.

  • Pumpkin Spice and Making Your Home Nice

    Have you started preparing your home for fall? As seasons change, so do your home's needs.

  • Renter's Guide Part 2

    Ready to sign the lease on your first "adult" home? As a renter, you have both rights and responsibilities, here are three things you should review with your landlord before signing.

  • Renter's Guide to Post Graduation

    For recent graduates, where you'll live is probably top of mind. To help you get started on your rental journey, here are a few questions to think about.

  • Self-Employed Mortgage Application Tips

    Learn how to qualify for a mortgage if you have a non-traditional work situation.