February 23, 2015

Looking for Happiness? Try These Towns.

Happiest Town

Looking for Happiness? Try These Towns.

Happiness can't be bought, but it can be found.
A recent survey breaks down census data from
every ZIP code in the United States to measure the
happiest towns. Who tops the list?

Top Zip Codes

  1. 95497: Sea Ranch, CA
  2. 83220: Bern, ID
  3. 50323: Urbandale, IA
  4. 12812: Blue Mountain Lake, NY
  5. 52411: Cedar Rapids, IA

If you're curious about the methodology behind the survey, the following criteria – identified as key factors in causing stress or promoting happiness – were used:

Key Factors

  1. Unemployment (the lower the better)
  2. Average Commute (the lower the better)
  3. Percent of residents making greater than $25,000 per year (the higher the better)
  4. Percent of residents who are married (the higher the better)
  5. Percent of residents who own their own home (the higher the better)
  6. Percent of residents with a bachelor's degree or higher (the higher the better)

If you're looking to buy a home and be near happy people everywhere, check out the happiest zip codes in America. Or, simply take a look to see how your ZIP code fared in the survey. Are you happy?

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