April 15, 2016

Do You Know Your Housing Lingo?

Do You Know Your Housing Lingo?

If you've just dipped your toe into the house-hunting world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed – especially when everyone seems to be speaking an unfamiliar language. Even grizzled homeownership veterans sometimes find themselves scratching their heads over a term they've never heard. But don't worry. Even though housing definitely has a lingo all its own, it's pretty easy to master once you start hearing it over and over.

We've collected some of the most common housing words and phrases and hidden them below. So take a break, sharpen that pencil and see just how well you know your housing lingo.

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'Do You Know Your Housing Lingo?' crossword puzzle

Stuck? You can find all of these words – and many, many more – in our glossary of housing terms.  And if you want to check your answers when you're through, here's the solution.

Follow this series just in time for the spring homebuying season.