September 22, 2016

Are You the Brightest Bulb?

Do your homework when considering financing energy improvements for your home. Shop around for an option that best suits your situation, making sure you understand the terms and risks of each option.

When it comes to saving energy – and money – in the home, we all like to think we know a thing or two. But do you know it all? Let's find out.

To find out how plugged in you really are, take the Department of Energy's Home Energy IQ quiz that asks 13 important questions about energy efficiency in the home, including:

  1. What accounts for the most energy use in America's homes?
  2. How much electricity does a typical home in America use per month?
  3. What state consumes the most amount of electricity per household?
  4. How much money can you save by switching to EnergySaver products?
  5. What is an LED light?

If you took the quiz, how'd you fare? Remember, the more you know, the more you can save and help protect our nation's resources.  It's a win–win.

Follow this series to learn more about energy efficiency in your home and the importance of being green.

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