December 07, 2016

10 Hot Housing Markets for 2017

10 Hot Housing Markets for 2017

While most predict that the housing market will cool off slightly next year, 10 cities will remain hot thanks in large part to Millennials and Baby Boomers.

According to, strong local economies make these 10 cities attractive to Millennials and Baby Boomers alike, but not in equal measures. Millennials favor Los Angeles and Boston of those cities in the top 10, while Baby Boomers prefer the top cities with warmer or more temperate climates — those located in Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina. 

Beyond the top 10 look to the Midwest — cities like Grand Rapids, MI; Madison, WI; and Columbus, OH — for growing popularity as they are particularly attractive to Millennials for their affordability.

1 Phoenix, AZ $300,000
2 Los Angeles, CA $675,000
3 Boston, MA $480,000
4 Sacramento, CA $420,000
5 Riverside, CA $350,000
6 Jacksonville, FL $284,000
7 Orlando, FL $272,000
8 Raleigh, NC $312,000
9 Tucson, AZ $237,000
10 Portland, OR $420,000

If buying a home in these markets or elsewhere is in your future plans, look to My Home® by Freddie Mac for information and tools to help you get started.

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