January 17, 2017

This Tool Makes It Easier to Manage Your Money

If your resolution is to get into a new home this year, it's important to understand how to manage your money. In fact, this knowledge is valuable in any case.

This Tool Makes It Easier to Manage Your Money

Creating a budget and managing to it will help you achieve your goal. By keeping track of how much you earn as well as where and how much you spend each month, you'll have information you need — to improve or maintain your credit score and to save for a down payment, furnishings for your new home, and other purchases.

A budget worksheet is an easy–to–use tool to help you succeed. It clearly itemizes all of your monthly income and expenses so that you can monitor how much money comes in, goes out, and may be saved or spent otherwise.

After you buy a home, using the worksheet and sticking to a budget will help you to stay on financial track and to plan for other expenses, such as home improvements and repairs.

For more information on managing your finances, check out Freddie Mac's CreditSmart® curriculum.

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