March 30, 2017

Say What? Learning the Homebuying Language

It's Nicole and I'm here to tackle one of the biggest obstacles I faced throughout my homebuying process: the lingo.

Deciding to buy was an exciting experience for me until I realized I needed to become bi–lingual. Just to give you some background: I took four years of foreign language in high school and can hardly remember any of it. So, when I started talking to people about buying a home I was completely overwhelmed with all of the homebuying speak.  It seemed it was an entirely new language.

I've gone ahead and put together a quick cheat sheet of some must–know terms that'll hopefully help you navigate the process. Print it out or pull it up on your phone and you'll sound (and feel like) a pro in no time!

Homebuying Glossary Graphic

Hear a term that we haven't included? Check out our full glossary.

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