June 30, 2017

What Does Homeownership Mean? We Asked, They Answered

In honor of National Homeownership Month wrapping up — and our important mission of making home possible — we asked families across the nation, "What does homeownership mean to you?"  

What did we learn? That home is a place to call your own, raise a family, build memories with friends, and become a part of strong neighborhoods and communities. It also means meeting personal financial goals and investing in the future.

  • Andrew and Kelly - Walker, MI
    There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coming home and walking through my front door. There’s an undeniable sense of pride that comes with homeownership and the accompanying excitement of being able to make a house a home.
    Andrew and Kelly — Walker, MI
  • Monica - Lynchburg, VA
    Owning my home with my husband has been such a blessing and has provided so much excitement for growing our family. It's amazing to have full reign to remodel whatever we please in the home.
    Monica — Lynchburg, VA
  • Thomas and Zackery - Spring Valley, CA
    Buying our first home has allowed us the opportunity to create a home base away from military life where our space can be an expression of our creativity.
    Thomas and Zackery — Spring Valley, CA
  • Brian - Coventry, RI
    Homeownership is important for us because it allows us a stable future and a welcoming vessel for our friends and family members. Our commitment to our home and each other will constantly grow as the years pass by.
    Brian — Coventry, RI
  • Shaun and Hans — Los Angeles, CA
    Homeownership gives us the freedom of planting whatever we like in our yard, painting our walls and building a kitchen to our specific needs. It also gives us the freedom to be stable and secure in our fifties and beyond. Becoming homeowners was the best thing we could have done!
    Shaun and Hans — Los Angeles, CA
  • Drew - Lynchburg, VA
    It feels incredible and freeing to own my own home. To be able to provide for my family in this way is what I have strived for in life, and the space we have to raise our two girls means more than anything.
    Drew — Lynchburg, VA
  • Dana – San Francisco, CA
    Owning my home feels warm and comfortable. I have control over my environment and feel invested in the value of my space where I can put down my roots and grow.
    Dana — San Francisco, CA

We've helped make home possible nearly 75 million times since 1970. We do this by providing a constant stream of mortgage funding to banks and other lenders, who — in turn — use this funding to provide mortgage loans to America's families.

We are proud to be a part of the industry that makes home possible.

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