August 08, 2017

An MVP Team Can Help You Score That Home

For something as important as buying a home, you need the right team of housing professionals working with you. Having their expertise and support on your side could make all the difference in your drive to homeownership.

basketball entering the net

For first–time homebuyers in particular, a housing counselor should be the first to join your team. A counselor with a not–for–profit, HUD–approved agency can help you figure out whether homeownership is right for you and help you prepare to post a win. That includes delivering the first–time homebuyer education that's required if you end up choosing a low down payment mortgage product, such as our Home Possible®. And counseling services are available at little or no cost to you.

A real estate professional is another key teammate. Most home hunters agree. It's great to have access to so much information online, and it's important to do your research, but most people still rely on real estate professionals to provide advice and help you move through the homebuying process and get you to the hoop.

To help you shoot and score, you need a lender on the team who knows the range of products out there and which might best fit your situation.

Find out how one family's dream team came together and helped them achieve their goal.

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