November 09, 2017

Winter is Coming: Brighten Up!

This past weekend, we turned our clocks back. In many areas of the country, gray skies with rain and snow are rolling in, bringing darker and shorter days for many.  With the sun less prevalent in the months ahead, what can one do to brighten their homes so their mood doesn't turn gray too?

A few quick, easy and affordable tricks to stay lighter and brighter:

  1. Remove the screens from your windows.  You can get up to 30% more sunshine by this task alone. An added benefit: The sunlight will warm your room, saving you money on your heating bills.
  2. Hang string lighting, indoors and outdoors. String lights provide a warm cheerfulness that can give you extra pep.
  3. Change your lightbulbs that produce yellowish light with LEDs — resulting in brighter, whiter light. Two added bonuses: you'll save money over the life of your bulb and you're working to keep the world green.
  4. Hang some mirrors and take advantage of how they can magically lighten a room by bouncing the sunlight around your home.
  5. Trim all the heavy bushes and trees that are blocking your windows from light. Let the light come in and cheer your day.
  6. It's a task few of us like, but it needs to get done: Clean your windows, inside and out. You'll feel better when the task is done. Promise.

Learn more ways to keep your home brighter during these winter months. Lighter and brighter is good for the soul.

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