August 15, 2018

ISO A+ Schools

"I'd like to find a home in the school district with the highest test scores. Can you help me find my new home?" Years ago, a question like this from a prospective homebuyer would raise eyebrows. Now, test scores and accelerated programs are top features that dominate many homebuying discussions across the country.

In a recently-released survey from, the adage "location, location, location" still holds true, but for three–quarters of buyers, this really means "school district, school district, school district." This is true for 91% of homebuying families with children.

For buyers that place a high priority on school districts, 78% are making compromises on their home features and wish lists to live in their ideal school district.

What are buyers giving up to land in the best school districts?

  • 19% gave up a garage (one of today's most desired features)
  • 17% gave up an updated kitchen
  • 17% gave up the number of desired bedrooms
  • 16% folded on their desired outdoor living space

Many buyers simply aren't willing to compromise on the school district, even though homes located within these higher–rated school districts are 49% more expensive on average than the median–priced home nationwide, according to a separate study from 2016. These homes also sell more than a week faster than other properties.

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