February 07, 2019

Crafting Your Home Security Blanket

Home security options come in many shapes and sizes. Today, you can protect your home with methods ranging from joining your neighborhood watch group to installing the latest smart home security systems. Whichever security measure you choose to keep your home safe, do your research so that you can be confident with the level of protection it provides.

Did you know that in addition to safeguarding your home, security systems could help you save money? Many insurance companies will reward you with discounts for installing even simple home security systems. In fact, having a security system installed could take as much as 15% off your homeowners insurance policy depending on the provider and the type of system you install. Be sure to review your insurance policy to find out what types of discounts your insurer may offer before you buy.

If you don't want to commit to a fully integrated home security system, individual smart security devices are more popular than ever. Some of the most popular products include smart locks, alarms, cameras and leak detectors. These technologies can provide safety measures both as standalone devices or through integration with a centrally controlled home security system.According to the International Housewares Association 2018 Smart Home Guide:

  • 60% of buyers say they want smart home products to help them monitor their homes while they are away
  • 63% of buyers want smart locks and alarms
  • 56% of buyers want smart carbon monoxide detectors

Whatever combination of strategies you choose to arm your home with, be sure to regularly check all safety devices to make sure they work properly. If you decide to get a security system, be sure to display the yard signs and window stickers as an added deterrent. Regularly checking your safety measures will help ensure that if an emergency does occur, you will be as prepared as possible.

In the end, the best approach to security is the one that provides you peace of mind. To learn more about homeownership visit My Home by Freddie Mac®.