July 17, 2015

Floor Plans of TV's Most Famous Fictional Families

Did you know that Jerry's apartment in Seinfeld had seating for eight (assuming Kramer wasn't hogging the couch for himself)? Or that getting to the one bathroom in Lucy and Ricky Ricardo's New York City brownstone meant trekking through the master bedroom?

Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde knows all that and more – because he has recreated the floor plans for the homes of many of TV's most famous fictional families.  In his professional life, Iñaki is an interior designer from Azpeitia, Spain. But in his spare time, he brings our favorite shows to life in a new way through his detailed drawings.

Want to recreate Jerry's apartment for yourself? Prefer the Ricardo's 1950s sensibilities?  Here are the plans – as Kramer himself might say, "Giddy up!"

Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment Floorplan


Lucy and Ricky Ricardo's apartment from I LOVE LUCY


See more of Iñaki's work here.

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