August 13, 2015

NPL Sales: Calling All Bidders

Bidding Auction NPL Sales

Today Freddie Mac announced a $1.2 billion auction of deeply delinquent non-performing loans (NPLs), and we're calling all eligible bidders.

We've offered more than $3 billion of NPLs for sale through the end of July 2015 and we continue to work to broaden participation in our auctions by marketing our transactions to a extensive investor group – including community-based organizations, nonprofits and women- and minority-owned businesses.

Program Objectives

Freddie Mac's NPL sales program was designed to:

  • Help reduce less liquid assets via economically sensible transactions;
  • Encourage broad investor participation;
  • Consider borrower outcomes, neighborhood stability and the market; and
  • Provide a well-controlled and transparent process.

How the Auctions Work

Our NPLs are sold through a competitive auction process and winning bids are chosen on the basis of economics. NPL pools are offered in two forms:

  • Standard Pool Offerings (SPOs): These pools are likely to be large, geographically diverse pools, although they may be geographically concentrated.
  • Extended Timeline Pool Offerings (EXPOs): These pools are smaller sized pools, and may or may not be geographically concentrated. The extended timeline is to encourage smaller investors that need more time to raise capital to participate in the auction.

Who's Eligible?

All bidders must be pre-approved to participate in our auctions. Servicers used by bidders must also meet FHFA requirements for NPL sales, which are designed to improve borrower outcomes and stabilize communities.

Learn More

There is currently a strong market for NPL sales and we're working hard to meet this demand in a way that balances taxpayer interests with borrower needs and neighborhood stability.

You can learn more about Freddie Mac's NPL sale program, including how to participate, at or register today to be notified of our NPL offerings.

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