December 10, 2015

That Apartment Property Over There? You Might Be an Investor

Who invests in – and, therefore, technically owns – multifamily rental properties? Maybe you do, without even knowing it.

These days, larger properties often are held in funds, joint ventures, or other investment vehicles, rather than by one very well-off person or family or a single company, as many people believe. The investors could include an array of institutions – from state pension plans, to university endowments, to domestic or international government funds, for example. So if you have money in any of these institutions, you probably "own" multifamily rental property. And Freddie Mac Multifamily might have financed the mortgage loan.

Our mission is to help keep funding for affordable, livable rental housing flowing steadily into the market. We're committed to supporting the purchase, renovation, rehabilitation, and preservation of multifamily rental housing – especially workforce housing. We're committed to supporting renters and communities nationwide.

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