February 04, 2016

Putting Our Rental Housing Money Where Our Mission Is

Putting our rental-housing money where our mission is

More than 650,000 renter households across more than 3,500 apartment properties nationwide will benefit from the $47.3 billion in financing that Freddie Mac Multifamily delivered to the market last year. True to our mission, we contributed to every corner of the multifamily rental housing market.

Around 90% of the apartments funded are affordable to low- and moderate-income earners. Some examples of our efforts to support affordability for households who need it most:

  • Almost $2.6 billion for Small Balance Loans and more than $1 billion in manufactured housing community loans in our first full year in these segments
  • More than $2.5 billion for seniors housing
  • About $1.8 billion for student housing
  • More than $5 billion for targeted affordable housing (government subsidized) – a significant increase over last year

Most of the loans we buy are packaged into commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS). Private investors who buy our CMBS bear the vast majority of credit risk related to the loans, taking taxpayers off the hook.

This year, Freddie Mac Multifamily will continue to focus on preserving workforce and affordable housing as well as financing small properties, manufactured housing communities, and seniors housing.

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For information on renting an apartment, visit My Home by Freddie MacSM.

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