April 22, 2016

What's in Your Trash Can?

What’s in Your Trash Can?

"Ideally, nothing in a perfect 'green' world" says Freddie Mac Facilities and General Services Manager Pam Anderson.  

While we're not there yet, Freddie Mac has come a long way since our first green initiatives started in the late 90s. We started small – recycling paper and adding light bulbs, toner cartridges, eyeglasses, batteries and more over the years. Now we have a broad, company-wide commitment to develop and follow sound environmental practices.

Today, in observance of Earth Day, we celebrate the big difference our employees are making. Last year alone, through our employee-led green programs, we:

  • Recycled nearly 55% of our total generated waste
  • Reduced energy consumption by 6% in one facility by switching to LED fixtures
  • Purchased 34% recycled supplies
  • Diverted nearly 795 tons of waste from local landfills
  • Recycled over 24 tons of electronic waste through employee e-Waste days
  • Collected more than two thousand cell phones, eye glasses, furniture & office supplies all donated to local charitable organizations

Earth Day

Freddie Mac Green Campus recycling event

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