December 09, 2016

This Week's Housing Headlines

Housing Headlines

Read some of the key articles related to the mortgage market, housing and the broader economy.

"Freddie Mac steps in to help nonprofit investors preserve affordable housing" (Minneapolis Star Tribune, Dec. 3)

"And the top real estate market for 2017 will be..." (HousingWire, Dec. 5)

"Trump chooses former campaign rival Ben Carson to be housing secretary" (NPR, Dec. 5)

"How will U.S. home prices fare in 2017?" (CBS News, Dec. 6)

"Robert Shiller: This could be a really good time to invest in real estate" (Fox Business, Dec. 6)

"A bigger economic pie, but a smaller slice for half of the U.S." (New York Times, Dec. 6)

"Mortgage rates soar to fresh 2016 high, Freddie Mac says" (MarketWatch, Dec. 8)

"Freddie Mac takes a giant step toward a Single Security" (MReport, Dec. 8)

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