February 16, 2017

Moving Housing Forward

Our transformation into a more competitive company continues to move housing forward. Last year we:

  • Generated $7.8 billion in net income
  • Funded 1.7 million home loans
  • Helped another 69,000 struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure
  • Financed record levels of rental housing
  • Hit a 10–year high in our purchases of loans to first–time homebuyers
  • Grew our post–2008 single–family book of business to 88% of the portfolio
  • Saved 937,000 refinancing homeowners an average of $2,500 in interest payments in the first year
  • Supported affordable housing for nearly 90% of the rental units we funded
  • Made home possible for nearly 268,000 first–time homebuyers
  • Transferred a significant portion of credit risk on more than $780 billion of single–family and multifamily mortgages to date
  • Returned an additional $5 billion to taxpayers

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