March 02, 2017

Freddie Mac Is a Tech Company?

Freddie Mac is recognized as a tech company?

Tech100 Logo

That's right. We're proud to be among the most innovative companies in the housing industry. Our Loan Advisor Suite won HousingWire Magazine's Tech100 award, which recognizes "the increasingly important role of technology companies serving the mortgage space."

Loan Advisor Suite is a collection of tools and capabilities that help lenders become more efficient and faster when originating loans that they'll ultimately sell to us. Watch a video about Loan Advisor Suite.

We're not a household name in the tech world in the same way as Google or Facebook but the entire mortgage industry depends on technology from the time you fill out a mortgage application to the point Freddie Mac buys your loan from your lender — and beyond.

"There is hardly a corner of the mortgage space left that hasn't been transformed in some way, either by fintech startups focusing on a specific software need or legacy companies evolving to compete in the new environment... Their work is propelling the industry to a new level of excellence in doing its most important job: supporting the American Dream," HousingWire wrote.

We're still in business to finance affordable housing for America's families but we're increasingly looking to technology to help us deliver on our mission.