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October 29, 2014

What Is 90%, Alex?

Rental Housing
Multifamily Affordable Rental Housing

Answer: This is about how many of the apartments that Freddie Mac Multifamily® finances are affordable to moderate - and low-income renters. That's been the case every year since at least 2008.

An average of nearly 15% of them involve some form of federal, state, or municipal government subsidy in return for keeping rents affordable (known as targeted affordable housing).

Affordable multifamily rental housing comes in many forms and serves various segments of the population.  A few examples:

Multifamily Affordable Rental Housing

University Village at Southern

Our financing for University Village at Southern in Statesboro, Georgia, gave 532 students at Georgia Southern University an affordable place to live.

Multifamily Affordable Rental Housing

King-Garvey Square

By funding King-Garvey Square in San Francisco, we helped provide affordable housing for 211 seniors and families in one of the nation's most expensive rental markets.

Multifamily Affordable Rental Housing

Arlington West

Our financing for Arlington West in Jacksonville, North Carolina, provided safe, secure housing for 324 non-deployed military troops, military families, civilians, and government contractors close to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

To support affordable rental housing, we recently launched three new offerings:

Promoting safe, affordable multifamily rental housing is more than our public mission. It’s our commitment to the nation's renters.

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