March 10, 2016

You Want Affordable Rent - We're Here to Help

Cat next to box

Are you feeling the pinch brought on by the severe shortage of affordable rental housing? Have you been looking for an apartment with affordable rent without much luck? Or do you wonder why your landlord keeps raising the rent by so much? Freddie Mac Multifamily feels your pain – and we're working to help ease it.

Read about how we're crafting creative solutions, while staying true to our principles.

Last year, we provided more than $47 billion to the industry to acquire, refinance, or preserve 650,000 apartment units nationwide. About 90 percent of the apartments financed are affordable to residents earning low or moderate incomes.

Every single multifamily mortgage loan we fund – more than 3,500 of them last year – goes through our Underwriting & Credit team. They help ensure that we make sound investments in housing that matters to communities across the country – while shifting nearly all of the credit risk away from taxpayers and onto private investors.

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