April 06, 2017

9 Times in 10, It's Affordable

Around 90% of the units we fund offer rents that are affordable to low– and moderate–income households (those earning at or below area median income levels). Our funding is vital to making sure that renters across the country have access to adequate, affordable apartment homes. Without it, many of these units wouldn't be built, preserved, or renovated.

9 Times in 10, It's Affordable

We've always focused on helping to keep multifamily rental housing affordable — and have sharpened that focus in recent years by enhancing and expanding our support in key segments:

In addition, our Freddie Mac Multifamily Green AdvantageSM offering supports affordability by increasing energy and water efficiency. Utility–cost savings can be passed on to renters.

Freddie Mac Multifamily's growing involvement in these segments tends to attract interest in renovating, rehabilitating, and preserving this important housing stock — much of which is aging and might otherwise be at risk of removal, when affordable rental housing already is in short supply. By channeling our funding to these types of properties, we help draw private investment into them.

Our mission to provide liquidity, stability, and affordability extends to all corners of the multifamily rental housing market — but especially to those that need it most. We'll continue to bring focus and innovation to the market to help meet the needs of renters nationwide.

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