July 12, 2016

Discount Movie Tickets and Rental Homes

Discount Movie Tickets and Rental Homes

Something you might enjoy in your mid–50s and beyond: Becoming eligible for discounts at movie theaters, restaurants, and other entertainment venues. You also might prefer to sell your home and rent your next one, or move from your current apartment to another. You'd be in good company.

According to the Freddie Mac 55+ Survey results, conducted for us by GfK, an estimated 6 million homeowners and almost as many renters 55 or older would like to move at least once more, preferring to rent. A total of around 5 million of them expect to rent – or rent again – within the next 4 years. Most prefer to stay local. Around one–quarter want to stay in their neighborhoods and almost one–third want to live in the same town or city.

Almost 80% of renters and 83% of homeowners preferring to move to a rental predict that the rent they'll pay will be the same as or less than their current monthly housing costs. That might prove challenging, however, given that affordable rental housing already is in short supply.

Check out the summary of our survey findings about renters age 55+.