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Who Do I Call If Disaster Forbearance Is Ending?

Were your monthly mortgage payments suspended temporarily because you were affected by a recent natural disaster? Wondering what happens when this "forbearance period" ends?

Mortgage Relief Amid California Wildfires

If you're a homeowner impacted by the wildfires in California, mortgage relief may be available. Contact your mortgage company right away to discuss your options.

¿Con Quién Debo Comunicarme Para Obtener Ayuda Luego de un Desastre Natural?

A continuación encontrará una lista de organizaciones que le pueden brindar ayuda para recuperarse de las consecuencias del huracán. Fraude, Centros de Recuperación ante desastres de FEMA, Recursos de asistencia para recuperarse, Ayuda hipotecaria

Who Do I Call For Help After a Natural Disaster?

Picking up the pieces after a natural disaster can be overwhelming. Here is a list of organizations to help you in your recovery.

Cómo Solicitar Ayuda Después de un Huracán

Si su hogar o lugar de trabajo ha sido afectado por los huracanes Harvey o Irma, aquí le informamos algunos pasos importantes que debe dar de inmediato para encaminarse hacia la recuperación.

Mortgage Assistance in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

If you are a homeowner impacted by Hurricane Harvey, mortgage relief may be available. Contact your mortgage company right away to discuss your options.

3% Down in Three Easy Steps

Are you looking to take advantage of a 3% down payment? Here are the three steps that you need to know.

Diversity at Work: When Collaboration Fuels Success

Freddie Mac's Loan Advisor Suite benefits from different perspectives.

Why the 30-year Fixed Rate Wins "Most Popular"

Of all of the mortgage products out there, the 30–year, fixed–rate mortgage reigns as the most popular. Find out why it's been the favorite for years.

Who Do I Call...For Mortgage Help After a HAMP Interest-rate Reset?

Have you fallen behind on your monthly mortgage payments since the interest rate reset on your HAMP–modified loan and wondered if there's a way to help you get back on track?

Stop Guessin' and Stressin'

Overwhelmed by the homebuying process? We're debunking mortgage myths to get you in the know and into a new home — so put your mind at ease!

Who Do I Call...If I Need Mortgage Help While I'm Unemployed?

Are you struggling financially because you lost your job and want to know whether there's a way to reduce the strain of trying to make your monthly mortgage payments until you find a new job?

Need Housing Help? Start Here

At one of the 14 Freddie Mac–sponsored borrower help centers across the country, you can get tips and tools to prepare for homeownership.

Who Do I Call...If I Need to Move for a Military or Other Job Relocation?

Do you need to relocate within a tight timeframe because of a permanent change of military station or other job transfer and want to explore options for selling your home quickly?

Who Do I Call...For Mortgage Help During Financial Hardship?

If a major event in your personal life has dealt a long–term blow to your finances, are you wondering whether you might have your monthly mortgage payment lowered to fit your reduced income?

Putting Together a Homebuying Dream Team - Part 2

The last two positions for your dream team of home buying professionals are critical for catching costly issues early and avoiding legal complications when its time to close.

Putting Together a Homebuying Dream Team - Part 1

A dream team of home buying professionals can help you save time and money by catching costly issues early and avoiding legal complications in the closing.

Your Answers Are Just a Click Away

At home or on the go, My Home is built to share and connect people with in-depth and user-friendly information that answers important questions about home. Find out why it's worth getting connected.

Freddie Mac Announces Relief for Eligible Borrowers, Employers, Employees in South Carolina Disaster Areas

Borrowers whose home or place of business is in a disaster area, borrowers should immediately contact their mortgage servicer – the company to which they send their monthly mortgage payment.

Help for Borrowers Struggling to Make Higher HAMP Payments

If higher HAMP payments have left you struggling, you may be eligible to have your loan re-modified.

Take Root Milwaukee Celebrates Fifth Year of Stabilizing Neighborhoods

Since Freddie Mac launched Take Root Milwaukee in 2010, the 32 member lenders, real estate firms, and government agencies have helped more than 16,400 residents buy a home, fix a home, build their finances, and avoid foreclosure.

The First Rule of Mortgage Applications Is: You Do Not Lie on Mortgage Applications

A recent column by Ken Harney highlights why borrowers should never stretch the truth on a loan application to get a mortgage or a better interest rate.

You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers

What's on your mind these days when it comes to housing? Thanks to our consumer response specialists who answer your questions every day, we've got a pretty good idea. Here are five of the questions they hear most often.

Help for Borrowers Struggling to Make Higher HAMP Payments

If you're struggling to make a higher mortgage payment because of an interest rate reset on your HAMP modification, help is now available.

Mortgage Fraud: Most Active States & Schemes

The five most active states for mortgage fraud, and the most active schemes, according to Freddie Mac's fraud investigators.

How Do Mortgage Fraudsters Find Their Targets?

Borrower desperation simplifies the fraudsters' job to the point where all they have to do is advertise a promise and post a phone number or e-mail address.

Help Around the Corner and Across the Country

Whether you're struggling with your mortgage or hoping to buy a home, Freddie Mac's Borrower Help Centers and Borrower Help Network offer you trustworthy, one-to-one help.