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30 Years of Certainty

30 years may sound like a lifetime with many unknowns, but a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage can provide you with many comforting certainties.

Amore Your Amortization Schedule

What exactly is amortization, what is an amortization schedule, and why does it matter?

Homeownership: Taking Taxes into Account

2018 ushered in new federal income tax laws that have many homeowners scratching their heads and wondering how the changes will affect them . The answer: It depends.

Interest Rate vs. APR

Interest Rates and APR are both used when applying for a loan. Understanding the difference between them could save you thousands of dollars.

How Will Rising Rates Affect Your Bottom Line

With the heightened talk about rising interest rates, many prospective homebuyers are understandably concerned about whether now is the right time to purchase a home.

Your Buying Power Just Increased

New loan limit increases may help you reach your goal of buying a home.

What is Home Equity and Why Do I Want It?

Let's define the term and calculate how much home equity you have.

How Your Tax Refund Can Help You Buy a Home

If you're expecting a tax refund this year, check out these three ways your refund could bring you closer to homeownership.

How Much Will You Bring to the Closing Table?

Before you get the keys to the home that you're buying, you'll go through the closing process, which includes paying certain fees. How much money are we talking about?

Mortgage Relief for Hurricane Irma

If you are a homeowner impacted by Hurricane Irma, mortgage relief may be available. Contact your mortgage company right away to discuss your options.

Mortgage Assistance in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

If you are a homeowner impacted by Hurricane Harvey, mortgage relief may be available. Contact your mortgage company right away to discuss your options.

Paying Down the Mortgage: Meet Stephen, Brad and Patty

We reached out to three homeowners, all at various stages of their mortgage, and asked them how it felt to be paying off their home. Read what they had to say.

The Facts (and Myths) on Down Payments and PMI

Before accepting the 20% down myth, it's important to do your homework, weigh the pros and cons regarding your down payment options and separate the facts from the myths.

3% Down in Three Easy Steps

Are you looking to take advantage of a 3% down payment? Here are the three steps that you need to know.

The Math Behind Putting Less Than 20% Down

Did you know that you could buy a home with a down payment of less than 20%? Lots of people do. Want to join them? Find out how all of the numbers add up.

What's the Point?

Today's infographic considers 3 important questions to help you get the point on points.

The Right Fit

When it comes to home buying, which should come first? The house or the mortgage?

Diversity at Work: When Collaboration Fuels Success

Freddie Mac's Loan Advisor Suite benefits from different perspectives.

Forecasting 2017 with Freddie Mac's Chief Economist

As 2016 gives way to 2017, we move away from recapping the year that was and transition to prognosticating the year to come.

Improve Your Homebuying Odds: Get Pre-Approved

Anyone looking to buy — especially in a competitive market — should ask a reputable lender to pre–approve them for a mortgage.

Baby Boomer Myths: Up-Close and Personal with Sean Becketti, Chief Economist

Baby Boomers comprise one-quarter of the population but own two-thirds of the housing wealth. Their decisions will reshape our housing market in the coming years. Freddie Mac's chief economist uses our latest survey results to bust some myths about 55+ homeowners and renters.

50 Billion And Going Strong

We're celebrating an important corporate milestone — the transfer of a significant amount of mortgage credit risk on 50 billion in unpaid principal balance of single-family and multifamily loans.

Freddie Mac Earns Three Mortgage-Backed Securities Awards

For the second consecutive year Freddie Mac's Structured Agency Credit Risk (STACR®) debt notes have been named RMBS Deal of the Year by Global Capital, a leading financial news and data service covering the capital markets. Freddie Mac also earned top honors for Best Overall Securitization Issuer and Best RMBS Issuer.

Who Let the Bugs In?

Spring has sprung and so have the bugs and rodents seeking to invade homes. Whether you are looking at homes to purchase or are a homeowner, there's no time like the present to inspect a home's exterior, especially after the long winter season, which can make it more inviting to house-hunting pests.

Do You Know Your Housing Lingo?

If you've just dipped your toe into the house-hunting world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed — especially when everyone seems to be speaking an unfamiliar language.

Why Was My Mortgage Sold?

Did you receive a letter stating that Freddie Mac purchased your loan? If so, do not be alarmed and check out our most frequently asked questions.

A Slow Start to the Best Year in Home Sales in a Decade

Houses certainly aren't selling at breakneck speed so far this year, but with the spring home buying season upon us we expect them to improve. Our housing tracker shows where we currently stand.

More than 3.3 Million People Have Saved With HARP. Could you?

If you owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth and haven't refinanced into a lower interest rate yet, then HARP is designed for you.

How It Works: The Mortgage Loan Application Process

Read on to see what the mortgage application process is all about.

The Best Year in Home Sales Since 2007!

Expect home sales to carry this momentum forward in 2016.

How it Works: Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

Is an ARM right for you? Learn how they work before making your decision.

How It Works: The Secondary Mortgage Market

Follow along with our new blog series, where we discuss how things work in the mortgage market, from underwriting your loan to credit risk transfer. To kick off the series, we introduce you to the inner workings of the secondary mortgage market.

The Top 10

The results are in. We've run the numbers and here are 10 most-read posts of 2015. See what interesting topics you might have missed.

Tips, Bits & Lists: It's a Wrap

Today we wrap up our 12 days of tips, bits & lists blog series with an overview of the financial obligations that come with homeownership.

Tips, Bits & Lists: Day 11

On the 11th day of tips, bits & lists, we introduce you to 11 online calculators designed to help demystify mortgages.

Tips, Bits & Lists: Day 8

Today's 8-question quiz will test your knowledge on down payments.

Tips, Bits & Lists: Day 7

Today in our tips, bits & lists blog series learn about the 7 factors that affect your mortgage interest rate.

Tips, Bits & Lists: Day 4

On the 4th day of tips, bits & lists, we're focused on the 4 Cs. You're probably thinking diamonds, but actually we're talking about the 4 Cs of qualifying for a mortgage.

Tips, Bits & Lists: Day 3

On the 3rd day of tips, bits & lists, we're answering the top questions about our 3% down mortgage — Home Possible Advantage.

The Closing Process: What to Expect

You've saved for it, searched for it, found it, and negotiated over it. Finally, you're ready to take possession of it — your new home. Before that can happen, however, comes the closing process.

Financial Obligations: What to Expect

There are many financial obligations that come with homeownership. Here's what you can expect.

Down Payments: What to Expect

If you're in the market to buy a home, your down payment is probably top of mind. Here's what you should expect.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

It's International Credit Union Day – and we're giving credit where credit is due.

Will New Mortgage Disclosures Delay Your Closing?

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the answer is no for just about everybody.

Countdown to Know Before You Owe

Starting October 3rd, the Know Before You Owe mortgage rule will simplify and improve the way you'll receive information about mortgage loans, both when applying for a loan and when you're getting ready to close.

Freddie Mac: First-Time Homebuyer Gains Hold Steady in 2015

According to the latest numbers, Freddie Mac financed affordable mortgages for nearly one million first-time homebuyers and over 4.5 million low- and moderate-income borrowers between 2009 and 2015.

Meet the Experts: Down Payments

Learn 3 facts about down payments that may surprise you in our Meet the Expert video series.

The Best July for Home Sales Since 2006

How will home sales compare this year?

Brass Tacks Facts: Test Your Knowledge

Test your knowledge of mortgage essentials.

All in a Rate: 7 Key Factors

Become a savvier shopper by learning what 7 factors affect your interest rate.

The First Rule of Mortgage Applications Is: You Do Not Lie on Mortgage Applications

A recent column by Ken Harney highlights why borrowers should never stretch the truth on a loan application to get a mortgage or a better interest rate.

Choosing the Right Mortgage

The type of mortgage you select may make a big difference in your monthly payments and the overall cost of your loan.

10 States with the Highest Foreclosure Rates

The national foreclosure rate reached a 19-month high in May, according to real estate information company RealtyTrac. As reported in USA Today, the rise is largely the result of a bottleneck of older foreclosures finally being pushed through the process.

4 Reasons Home Sales Are Surging

Reports the Associated Press: "Home sales are on pace for their best year since 2007. First-time buyers are streaming back into the market." Why all the activity now after so many years of sluggishness?

May Home Sales

With new home sales data out for May, we're currently running 17,000 home sales (non-seasonally adjusted) above the May 2013 rate keeping us on track for the best year in home sales since 2007.

Spring Homebuying: Test Your Knowledge

We hope you enjoyed our series on spring homebuying. Take today's quiz to test your knowledge.

4 Ways to Bridge the Cash Gap

Need help with cash for down payments and closing costs? Here are 4 ways to close that gap.

Use Your Assets

Good news for retiring Baby Boomers and other savvy homebuyers who have limited incomes but substantial financial assets – these will help you to qualify for a low-rate mortgage.

You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers

What's on your mind these days when it comes to housing? Thanks to our consumer response specialists who answer your questions every day, we've got a pretty good idea. Here are five of the questions they hear most often.

The FYI on PMI

Confused about PMI? Here's the FYI.

Mortgage Rates: Still the Deal of the Century

If you are in the market to buy a home, today's average mortgage rates are something to celebrate compared to almost any year since 1971.

87% of U.S. Homes Qualify for Down Payment Assistance

You could get down payment help for more than 68 million homes across the country.

How Many First Responders Own Homes?

Most firefighters, police and paramedics are homeowners, says a new Freddie Mac analysis of data from the U.S. Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Boomerang Buyers Are Bouncing Back

Boomerang buyers, those who lost their home during the crisis, are back in the market. In a new report from RealtyTrac, 7.3 million of them will return to the market over the next eight years, peaking at 1.3 million in 2018.

The Lowdown on Mortgage Rates, ARMs: New Surveys

Mortgage rates are hovering near all-time lows - averaging 3.63% for a 30-year fixed. As for ARMs? With rates so low on fixed-rate loans, ARMs are less popular. But more lenders are offering ARMs, and for certain consumers, an adjustable rate product may still make sense.

Nearly 50% of Homebuyers Aren't Shopping Around

A recent study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Housing Finance Agency found that almost half of U.S. homebuyers fail to shop around for mortgages.

Mortgage Rates: New Lows in the New Year

30-year fixed down to 3.73%, the lowest level since May 2013. A year ago, the rate was 4.51%.

3% Down: More Questions Answered

Since lenders will soon begin taking applications, today we're answering more questions about our new 3% down mortgage - Home Possible Advantage.