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April 21, 2020

Shifting Gears: Supporting Employee Wellness at Home

You've gone from making daily trips to the gym to squeezing in daily trips to the yoga mat in the living room and from following a regimented schedule to keeping up with the household frenzy — all while figuring out how to contribute your best while working remotely every day. You aren't alone.

At Freddie Mac, we know this time is unsettling. That's why we're doing everything we can to support our employees' well-being and aid in the transition to remote work. While everyone is facing different challenges, we're all experiencing one constant: change. But with a little encouragement and the right support, we can continue to grow in our new normals.

"Right now, every employee's situation is different than it used to be, which means we have to adjust how we offer support. We're working tirelessly to find unique ways to engage employees and provide the tools and resources they need to maintain their own and their families' well-being during this unprecedented time," said Dan Scheinkman, VP of compensation, benefits and well-being.

Check out some of the things we're doing to support everyone's physical, emotional and financial health.

Physical Health

Fitness: Instead of teaching spin class in our on-campus fitness center, Sarah Grace Malay, Freddie Mac's assistant health fitness program manager, is now focused on getting employees' blood pumping at home. Every day, Sarah designs and distributes at-home workouts companywide. They're made so everyone can jump in, even your little ones.

Telemedicine: Having access to medical expertise from home is essential to maintaining physical health and helping reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Freddie Mac has made telehealth options, including virtual doctor's appointments, available to employees through several providers.

Emotional Health

Employee Assistance Program: Prioritizing mental health is important during times of isolation. That's why we've expanded our employee assistance program to offer free, confidential, in-the-moment support to help with anything employees may be experiencing. Video counseling and well-being coaching are two key components.

Constant touchpoints: Consistent support is vital in virtual work environments. That's why our HR team shares frequent tips and ideas to help employees maintain healthy habits after work and on the weekends. Some of the tips include ways to access library books from home, healthy meal recipes and strategies for coping.  

Financial Health

Virtual planning assistance: Our Compensation and Benefits team hosts "Money Moves Mondays" webinars with our employee resource groups to provide financial advice to employees seeking information on what to do during this volatile time.

These are just some of the things we're doing to help with the transition to working remotely. But we know that, in times like these, it takes the entire team supporting the entire team.

At Freddie Mac, your well-being is a priority. We're hiring for all open positions by conducting interviews and onboarding virtually! Check out our open positions and apply now.


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