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July 26, 2018

Freddie Mac Named to the Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index

Freddie Mac has been named to the second–annual Diversity Best Practices (DBP) Inclusion Index, providing data and insight into how participating organizations fared in three areas: diversity and inclusion practices in recruitment, retention, and advancement; organizational culture; and demographic transparency.

Freddie Mac was among the 73 organizations that earned a place on this year's index for its commitment to retention and advancement of people from under–represented groups, and creating an inclusive culture through leadership, accountability, communications, and employee engagement.

This year, 124 organizations participated in the 2018 Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index, more than double the amount last year. Key findings from the 2018 Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index are:

  1. Recruitment: 75% of Index organizations require interview slates for job openings to have diverse applicants (compared with 58% of all participants). 93% of Index organizations train recruiters to ask culturally competent questions of diverse applications (compared with 75% of all participants).
  2. Talent Development: 51% of Index organizations have succession planning at top levels aimed specifically at women, racial/ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, veterans, and LGBTQ people (compared with 31% of all participants).
  3. Company Culture: 78% of Index organizations provide special talent development programs for employees who become leaders of Employee Resource Groups (compared with 61% of all participants).
  4. Accountability: 37% of Index organizations compensate managers for diversity and inclusion results (compared with 24% of all participants).

The Inclusion Index Data Snapshot featuring highlights from the report can be found here.

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