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January 22, 2019

Freddie Mac was their Destination

We've built our success by developing our people to perform at their best. Providing our employees with more opportunities to grow their careers is our secret to keeping our talented and diverse workforce at Freddie Mac. We asked some of our employees at Freddie Mac what more means to them.

  • Donna

    "More to me means that I can work in an environment that is inclusive for all of people. Diversity is not a "nice to have" at Freddie Mac, it's expected and embedded in our culture. It also allows me to support something that is very important to me which is homeownership. The skills that I have learned here during my career has allowed me to support my family, my community and non–profits that support the mission of Freddie Mac. Every day I do more at Freddie Mac."

    – Donna

  • Lauren

    "At Freddie Mac, I found more for my career when a manager pushed me to get involved in an employee resource group. Freddie Mac has always afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow; shifting jobs within the company to gain new skills and knowledge. While my Operational Risk role sees me protecting tax payer interests, it was joining the Abilities employee resource group three years ago that allowed my passion for helping others to really thrive. Through the Abilities ERG, I have found a way to be an advocate for both increasing disability resources at our company and advancing our inclusion efforts. I have also built a network of colleagues that share similar passions which, in turn, has positively benefited my operational risk work. I am proud to co–chair the Abilities ERG and proud of all that the team does to support employees and increase diverse hiring."

    – Lauren

  • Christina

    "At Freddie, I enjoy and support the generation of more ideas and diverse perspectives, which result in better processes and services to our customers."

    – Cristina

  • Christine

    "The art of the possible."

    – Christine

  • Mark

    "Diversity and variety are close cousins to 'more'. They all translate to expanding our understanding of customers, markets and situations. The more breadth we have to understanding problems and proposing solutions, the more effective we can be as contributors, managers and leaders. Freddie provides the 'more'. Our diverse and varied employee base gives us greater perspective on understanding our world and driving more impactful solutions and outcomes."

    – Mark

  • Elijah

    "When I heard the fact that a third of your life is spent at work, I knew I needed to find an employer that made me feel that my career was more than just a job. I've found that at Freddie Mac. As a college hire, my manager saw my potential and in turn, offered me more opportunities to lead projects, presentations and discuss future process enhancements with senior management. As a member of the Pride ERG leadership team, I've helped educate on LGBTQ issues through programs and events — creating a more inclusive work community for all employees. I thought a first job was supposed to be a brief landing spot — however, with all that Freddie has offered me this year, I now consider it an ultimate career destination. More opportunity, more innovation, more diversity, more community... I've definitely found more than just a job at Freddie."

    – Elijah

  • Genaro

    "Career development is how I define "more" for my career. Freddie Mac has provided me with opportunities to develop my skills through internal trainings, rotation programs, and education assistance. Furthermore, I have also developed my communication and networking skills through constant interaction with people at all levels of the company, including top directors and executives."

    – Genaro

  • Nima

    "More is establishing meaningful relationships with people who come from different backgrounds but share the same goals. Working with colleagues who bring unique perspectives and diverse skill sets, it is fascinating when it comes together to achieve a common objective. At Freddie Mac, we leverage these unique skills to help fulfill our company mission."

    – Nima

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