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February 26, 2018

Meet Regis


When Regis was a boy, he looked forward to the fourth Thursday in April every year, when his mother and father would bring him to their jobs at Freddie Mac. It was "Take Your Child to Work Day." Years later, when he graduated from Radford University with a degree in business management, he was determined to join the company.

  • Get to Know


  • Roots:
    Reston, Virginia, and Ladysmith, Virginia
  • Most Inspired by:
    My father, Russell McKoy. He's a loan servicing manager for Freddie Mac Single–Family. He raised my brother and me, attended all of our basketball games and tennis matches, and worked hard at his job. He has amazing integrity and leads by example. We often try to model ourselves based on what we see on TV or read about in the paper. But I 've always wanted to be just like my dad.
  • Hobbies:
    Basketball, movies and cooking. I also have a 2–year–old daughter, Ariana, who I love spending time with. I hope I’m a great dad for her.
  • What I Love About Freddie Mac
    So many things. But high on my list would be the fact that, in December 2016, I was able to purchase my own home with down payment assistance from Freddie Mac. I am forever grateful.

"I experienced so much positivity at Freddie Mac, especially through observing my parents," he recalls. "It felt natural to be here. I already believed in the mission."

In 2010 — with the housing crisis in full swing — Freddie Mac enlisted Regis to help educate struggling homeowners about the Home Affordable Modification Program. "I was hired the same week that my mom stopped working, so dad still had a traveling buddy," says Regis. "We made the 160–mile round trip commute from our home in Ruther Glen, Virginia, to Freddie Mac, ate lunch together and talked sports every day. I enjoyed every minute of it."

As a member of the Homeowner Assistance Response Team — a specialized group within what's now called the Consumer Assistance Network (CAN) — Regis would travel around the country meeting with homeowners face to face, with the goal of helping them stay in their homes.

"Rather than just receiving a piece of paper in the mail, we showed them our human side," says Regis. "All people knew about us was what they were hearing in the media. I studied the Guide and learned a lot about mortgages, so that I could offer them the maximum amount of help."

In March 2013, when Freddie Mac's Government & Industry Relations (GIR) team had an opening, Regis applied. It was a perfect fit. "I'm enjoying a more holistic view of the work," he says. "And I think GIR benefits from my hands–on expertise with homeowners. In addition to educating congressional staff about what we're doing to help homeowners, I also partner with CAN in addressing their cases."

To stay on top of the issues, Regis checks inquiries from congressional offices sent to us on behalf of homeowners. He also monitors congressional hearings online. "I see some members of Congress defending our role because they know we're working for their constituents and our borrowers in a positive way," he says.

Recently, there was a surge in inquiries due to the devastating hurricanes. "On occasion, I still like to pick up the phone and talk to a homeowner," Regis says. "If I read a 42–page homeowner inquiry, I feel what they're feeling. This is somebody's life and home. Before I send that inquiry to CAN, I will craft the story for them, so there's little delay with the workout."

"Regis has such a generous spirit," says his manager, VP Government Affairs Barbara Fox. "He's exactly the kind of person you want on the phone if you're looking for help. He goes the extra mile for his team and homeowners, because he genuinely cares."

"I have a passion for helping people," says Regis. "We're all in this together."

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