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September 12, 2018

Meet Harinee


According to Harinee, numbers are the key ingredient to making sound business decisions.

  • Get to Know


  • Roots:
    Born in India's Nellore District and grew up in Hyderabad
  • Most Like to Dine With:
    My husband of 13 years, Ajay. He's my best friend. We share everything, and I always seek his advice whenever there is a difficult situation. He looks at things differently than I do — more simply — and at the end of the day, I don't feel like it's an issue at all.
  • Hobbies:
    I love watching Bollywood movies. They are fun and lively with upbeat music and everyone is happy. Watching happy people makes me happy.
  • What I Love About Freddie Mac:
    The people, the good, talented people I work with. I also love the diversity and the mission.

"My manager compares the work we do to a fine dining experience. The ingredients need to be great, because even if you plate a dish beautifully, there's no point in eating it if the quality isn't there. The same can be said for the financial reports I run every day. I get the data ‘ingredients,' make sure they're right and put together the correct way to report them."

As a data analytics manager on Freddie Mac’s Multifamily Chief Financial Officer (CFO) reporting team, Harinee puts together financial reports for Freddie Mac Multifamily's new business process. Her reports help Multifamily manage their flow of business and understand where they sit relative to their funding goals.

Harinee always had an affinity for numbers, so her current position working with financial computer programs is a perfect fit. "With math, you get coding skills," she explains. Harinee earned a bachelor's degree in electrical and electronics engineering in her native India and completed her master's degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology. She developed an interest in computer programming and learned SAS (statistical analysis software) programming during college.

"I love data analysis and enjoy coding. As a part of my job, I interpret and analyze complex data by inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling data with the goal of reporting accurate information that would help business with decision-making. It's like putting a puzzle together and making sure all the pieces fit."

Harinee started her career as a SAS programmer and joined Freddie Mac in 2005 as a consultant supporting the Multifamily division. She converted to full time a year later and has been with the same team ever since.

"Sticking to the same job for more than 10 years can be routine, but not for me. I'm always learning something new." She explains, "We've evolved so much since 2008. We have new products and new business so that my job is not the same every day. As new products come in, I make sure my new business process fits those products. How does this new piece fit in the Multifamily new business puzzle?"

"Harinee continually adapts to the ever-changing environment," says Luis, Multifamily CFO director. "She is an unsung hero who works behind the scenes to promptly add enhancements to our reporting system to make sure the business gets the timely and accurate information they need to make informed decisions. She gets it done with a positive, can-do attitude."

"I work with all the Multifamily business areas and get the chance to learn about each of them. As they grow, our technology changes, too. Finance management provides us with the tools and training to constantly learn and adapt," Harinee says. "I believe strongly in Freddie Mac's mission. I'm happy that I help it grow."

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