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October 28, 2019

Meet Amy

When Amy was a kid, she loved to visit her father at work. "On days when children were allowed to come in, he would show me what he was doing on his computer, like drawing engineering diagrams for circuit boards," she says. "Seeing a visual representation helps me to understand complex systems."

Quote: I enjoy bringing people and process together. You can’t do anything without people. Image: Freddie Mac's operetions risk director, Amy.
  • Get to Know


  • Hobbies:
    I love building puzzles, running and watching bad television shows. I’ve seen every season of Survivor and would love to be on Big Brother. However, most of my time is spent playing with my 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.
  • Favorite Band:
    Dave Matthews Band. My husband and I have seen them perform live an average of once a year for the last 22 years. We already saw two shows this summer..
  • What I Love About Freddie Mac:
    The opportunities! I met my best friend on my first day of work here. I got my master’s in finance at American University through Freddie. I’m making an impact, like creating a new function to reduce payment fraud risk.

With a curious mind and a love of how things work, Amy attended the University of Maryland, where she completed her undergraduate degree in accounting and finance. After college, she entered the world of public accounting as an auditor.

In 2004, Amy joined Freddie Mac's Finance division in corporate accounting to help with compliance. "Because of that work, I gravitated toward operational risk, looking at controls, and making processes better while doing lots of flow charts," she says.

For many years, Amy performed operational risk oversight for different divisions, including Freddie Mac Multifamily, Information Technology and Capital Markets, giving her broad experience within the company.

In 2017, she took a leadership role with the new Enterprise Operations division to establish a company-wide governance structure for payment fraud risk.

Thanks to Amy's negotiating skills, her team successfully established roles and responsibilities, set expectations company-wide and managed implementation of the proper controls. "It took coming to the table multiple times and hearing multiple points of view," she says. "Navigating that takes time."

Amy takes great satisfaction in collaborating with others to accomplish a goal. "I took a personality test that identified me as an 'integrator.' That's me!" she laughs. "I do enjoy bringing people and process together. You can't do anything without people."

"There are so many places where Amy is making a difference," says her manager, VP Treasury Operations, Trust and Cash Administration Bill Buckner. "Leading across the organization, building a new function and delivering risk management solutions are no easy tasks. Amy leads by building good teams, establishing credibility, and being results oriented. Examples we all strive for."

"When I started in accounting," says Amy. "I didn't always love the numbers, but I always understood the need for having rules and structure. In terms of process, I seem to have this weird gut instinct for seeing the right way versus the wrong way of doing things, while still taking calculated risks."

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