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January 07, 2020

Test Drive Your Career With Freddie Mac's Finance Rotation Program

You don’t have to decide what you want to do as soon as you graduate—at least not at Freddie Mac.

Marisa knew little about Freddie Mac before she discovered the Finance Analyst Rotation Program. Coming out of college, she didn’t have a clear idea of what professional path she wanted to pursue, so enrolling in a program where she was able to try different jobs and find the best fit for her felt like the right next step. Today, Marisa is an Senior Analyst in Multifamily Underwriting Risk Distribution & Credit. Read more about her experience in the program and how it jumpstarted her career.

  • Q: Tell us about the work you did in the rotational program and how that led to your current role.
    • A: I rotated through four different Finance groups every six months. I worked in Accounts Payable, Single-Family Finance, the Office of the Chief Economist, and Investments & Capital Markets Finance – each a completely different role!

      As my time in the program was wrapping up, I thought about what I liked best about each role and sought a job that encompassed all those things. After completing the program, I started as an analyst in Multifamily Underwriting Risk Distribution & Credit.
  • Q: What kind of support did you have in the rotation program?
    • A: The program pairs each analyst with a mentor to meet with on a regular basis and offers officer mentor circles where a small group of analysts meet with two or three officers each quarter. The exposure to several official and unofficial mentors gave me a unique opportunity to get insider perspective on the industry and provided greater clarity on my career path. There’s no better way to learn than from people who have been through a similar experience.
  • Q: How did the training you received prepare you for the future? How have you continued to learn and grow since then?
    • A: We had the opportunity in the program to stand up a technical training for other analysts on tools we used or wanted to familiarize ourselves with. I attended sessions on Excel, Bloomberg, SQL, SAS and Tableau, all of which helped set me up for success in my roles.

      In my current role, I take advantage of all the training opportunities Freddie Mac offers to help employees grow their skillsets and perform at their best. FMYou, our hub for instructor-led and online training opportunities, has courses on hundreds of topics. I have taken classes for both general career topics, such as how to improve your written communication skills, and on the business lines at Freddie Mac, such as Multifamily 101, a three-day introduction to the Multifamily division. The training opportunities help give me a better understanding how my job fits in the big picture.
  • Q: What does the Freddie Mac mission mean to you?
    • A: Our longstanding mission to make home possible for families is key to why I enjoy working here so much. Both our Single-Family and Multifamily divisions focus on making affordable housing accessible, and the broader purpose of my work is something that motivates me to work harder. Nine out of 10 rental units we finance in Multifamily are affordable to moderate- and low-income families. It’s rewarding to work at a company committed to helping people achieve their dreams of renting or owning a home because that is a mission that impacts everybody.
  • Q: What would you tell someone considering working at Freddie Mac? What makes Freddie Mac different?
    • A: Coming to work can be fun! Freddie Mac puts an emphasis on team building and camaraderie, and I’ve had the chance to participate in some exciting events with my co-workers, including pot lucks, holiday parties, cook-outs and even field day.

      While many companies make this claim, I truly do believe the people are what differentiates Freddie Mac from other companies. In each of my roles, I’ve had the opportunity to work with people who were genuinely invested in my success and had managers who customized my role based on my interests.

Interested in applying for Freddie Mac’s Finance Analyst Rotation Program or another one of our internship programs? Find out more here.