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April 13, 2020

Not Skipping a Beat

Maintaining business as usual in a new telework environment is no easy feat. Hear from Freddie Mac employees on how we're staying positive and productive during this time (and often amid toothless and furry distractions).

  • Judy, HR Chief of Staff

    Inject humanity into everything you do.

    "During these times, we find it even more important to inject humanity into how we work. We conduct our HR leadership meetings using video chat to help remind us all that we're humans — working toward the common goal of making home possible alongside our colleagues."

    Judy, HR Chief of Staff

  • Vanessa, Multifamily Marketing Communications

    Try a little (or a lot of) face time.

    "For work meetings, I recommend using video calls. We need to remember that we are social creatures and must stay connected. I also make a point to frequently connect with friends outside of work through Google Hangout Chats® and video chat apps. You can also do online classes like cooking shows or yoga – anything that will enrich your life and make you happy."

    Vanessa, Multifamily Marketing Communications

  • Quan, Creative Services

    Stay sane by keeping a daily syllabus.

    "Plan activities for your kids ahead of time so it feels like there's a syllabus instead of 'what can we do for fun.' Treat the day like you're in school instead of an extension of home. But most of all, don't take yourself too seriously."

    Quan, Creative Services

  • Alicia, Multifamily Customer Compliance Management

    Adopt a foster pet.

    "I just adopted sweet Karma with my mother, as we're home all time now. It helped us relieve stress, because we're taking more walks and focusing on something besides the current situation."

    Alicia, Multifamily Customer Compliance Management

  • Meghan, Single-Family Project Management

    Tidy up frequently.

    "Clean your workspace frequently to help you stay focused. Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is organize my workspace. It reminds me of my desk at work!"

    Meghan, Single-Family Project Management

  • Meredith, IT Method Best Practices

    Embrace your superpowers.

    "I have worked remotely for eight years, but my husband and I are now adjusting to having kids with us at home. We quickly found that we had to split the day in shifts. We align our schedules to sort out responsibilities. One thing that gets my family excited is fitness. We get our bodies moving with dance, HIIT or yoga classes. It helps us stay positive and healthy!"

    Meredith, IT Method Best Practices

  • Robin, IT Systems Administration

    ...And don’t forget to guard the delivery man.

    "Our dogs are thrilled that we're home all the time. To them, it's like a never-ending weekend! They will bark at every vehicle. No joke – my work breaks consist of running to the door to see if I need to rescue a delivery driver."

    Robin, IT Systems Administration

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