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April 23, 2020

Celebrating Virtual Take Your Child to Work Day

Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day, a Freddie Mac employee favorite, looks a little bit different this year. Instead of toting our future changemakers into the office, we're showcasing how they're working alongside us to serve their own missions (in addition to a few tricks we have up our sleeves for balancing work and parenting).

  • Chaitanya, IT Engineering

    Take advantage of the extra time.

    "Take the extra time at home as an opportunity to be physically present with our kids. We can spend more time helping them grow strong and see their smiles."

    Chaitanya, IT Engineering

  • Khary, Multifamily Cash Management

    Don't forget the power of Baby Shark.

    "To stay on top of your work, organize your mailbox with smart and efficient archiving folders. For kids: Turn on Baby Shark videos! They never get enough of it."

    Khary, Multifamily Cash Management

  • Laura, Single-Family Ops Change ManagementLaura, Single-Family Ops Change Management

    Schedule time to get outside.

    "We're all finding our rhythm. Set up a specific time for when your children can see you each workday, so they can look forward to 'mom time.' We plan for a daily walk outside. When I head to my desk in the morning, my son sends me off by saying, 'See you for our family walk later!'"

    Laura, Single-Family Ops Change Management

  • Sudhir, Finance Shared Information Support

    Board games and puzzles do the trick.

    "My wife and I assign tasks for both kids. They wake up before 9:30 a.m. and they're not allowed to use electronics before noon. In the evening, we take bike rides, play board games and do our 1,000-piece puzzle."

    Sudhir, Finance Shared Information Support

  • Gurveen, Single-Family Project Management

    Make naptime your power hour.

    "I am learning how to be a stronger employee, mom and teacher all in one! I am juggling three kids with my work. It's a challenge, but we are all doing our best. My favorite time is nap and quiet time. I can get a lot of work done then!"

    Gurveen, Single-Family Project Management

  • Breann, Single-Family Business Management

    It's OK to turn to Disney.

    "Create a schedule but stay flexible. Sometimes plans don't work out. But just do your best to breathe … and'let it go.' When all else fails, you can throw screen time limits out the window and turn on Frozen 2. Even though we've been fully immersed'into the unknown' ...'some things never change.'"

    Breann, Single-Family Business Management

  • —Amy, IT Audit

    Remember to see the positive.

    "I am grateful to be part of an organization that provides the flexibility to balance work and family through this pandemic."

    Amy, IT Audit

Balancing multiple roles isn't always easy, and some days are more manageable than others. At Freddie Mac, we're getting by through sharing our success stories with each other and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Want to join our team of multitasking superheroes? We're hiring for all open positions by interviewing and onboarding virtually. Check out our open positions and apply today.

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