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May 13, 2020

Teleworkarounds for Staying Agile

Our agile product delivery (Modern Delivery) teams are designed to be flexible when confronted with change and the unexpected. That's why when COVID-19 hit, the teams quickly pivoted so they could continue thriving in these uncertain times. Here are three ways the teams adjusted their Modern Delivery project components to remain on track.

  1. Host large team meetings in multiple virtual rooms.

    Yes, massive team meetings can still be held online — and they can be just as effective as in-person sessions. Take, for example, the program increment (PI) planning session, which is an important component of our Modern Delivery execution. These milestone sessions, held every 10 weeks, normally involve two full days of in-person discussion as teams plan their schedule and objectives for the next 10 weeks of work.

    Enter COVID-19. With the traditional PI planning engagement model being impossible to carry out in person, our teams adjusted on the fly. Now they use Microsoft Teams to create a main "room" and a series of eight "team rooms," which allow members to move seamlessly, albeit virtually, between ongoing discussions in various subgroups.

  2. Shift notetaking and meeting organization to digital whiteboards.

    Digital tools and programs can help you navigate the new environment. Although not hosted in person anymore, reviews and evaluations can still be collaborative and effective. Our Modern Delivery teams now complete their retrospectives, examinations of past events or work, using Mural and other collaboration tools. These tools allow the teams to document group discussion points on virtual whiteboards, seamlessly archive meeting notes and assign next steps — a far cry from snapping photos of the board before you leave the room!

  3. Be flexible with your priorities.

    What was once top of mind for your business may not be the priority anymore. Take changes in stride and develop a timeline for shifting back to your prior to-dos. COVID-19 caused Freddie Mac to move to a remote working model right in the middle of several of our teams' sprints. In addition, several teams were asked to shift gears to support COVID-19-related needs. Undeterred and motivated by the importance of our mission, the teams pressed on with improvised tactics to meet immediate needs and then shift back to their other responsibilities.

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