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February 28, 2019

IT's Tech Analyst Program Welcomes Historic Class

For more than ten years, Freddie Mac's Technology Analyst Program (TAP) has helped recruit and develop the next generation of Information Technology (IT) talent at the company. The year-long program – part of Freddie Mac's College Analyst Program – provides recent graduates with numerous resources to strengthen their technical, business and professional skills as they work on a wide range of critical IT projects that are transforming the mortgage industry.

Each year, TAP hires two cohorts of recent graduates, one in January and one in June. This year, the incoming class is historic – representing the program's largest and most diverse to date. The January class boasts the highest number of women ever, at 60% of the cohort.

"This is a big step forward for the program, one that hopefully signals a new norm for Freddie Mac IT's workforce diversity," said Kristina Baumler, director, IT communications & employee programs.

According to Forbes, males currently hold 76% of the technical jobs in the country and only 5% of those in the technical workforce are blacks and Latinos. By bringing such a diverse class of college graduates into the company – and exposing them to a myriad of networking and mentorship opportunities – Freddie Mac is working to close that gap. 

"Our Tech Analyst Program showcases new talent-finding solutions for our constantly changing technology and workforce needs, and it's a great partnership between IT and Freddie Mac Human Resources," said Baumler. "I thrive on their contagious energy and enthusiasm; one of my favorite parts of my job is seeing them grow into their roles and make a big difference for our IT team."

Through a robust college-to-corporate transition program built into the TAP curriculum, each new Tech Analyst begins a 12-month journey designed to immerse new hires into their career. The 325-hour curriculum required through the program focuses on a few core areas: technical skills, business acumen, professional skills, personal visibility, networking and volunteerism. Additionally, the program requires participants to obtain a mentor and attend generational and personal effectiveness training.

"We're helping to build IT's future by bringing on and intentionally cultivating the kind of diverse thinking we say we're all about," said Chad, one of the program's leads. "The program is a promise to early career hires that we provide all the resources and support needed for a successful start to a career at Freddie Mac."

The TAP experience positions every early career hire for success at Freddie Mac. Managers partner with the early career hire team to ensure their analysts become well-rounded, knowledgeable employees, and develop a clear-cut path to success in their role. The TAP team creates events that both enrich and inspire early career hires while also managing and executing the ongoing recruiting cycle.

"When I went to my first recruiting event at my alma mater, it all started to click for me," said Iesha, a program lead who graduated from the 2014 TAP class. "It means a lot to me to help others fall in love with Freddie Mac like I did-there's a level of support here that you just don't get at other companies."

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