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April 22, 2019

Being GREEN: Sustainability at Freddie Mac

Being green is easy when everyone is involved – and that's certainly the case at Freddie Mac.

Our green initiatives started small in the late 90s with recycling paper and then adding light bulbs, toner cartridges, eyeglasses, batteries and more over the years.  Now our corporate services division leads a broad company-wide commitment to develop and follow sound environmental practices.

This effort is in partnership with our 500-member Green employee resource group, which provides a central hub for environmentally conscious employees to connect and do good for our community and the planet.  The group actively works to identify new areas for green improvements and embraces sustainable changes both on Freddie Mac's home campus and within our corporate culture.

Today, in observance of Earth Day, we celebrate the big difference our employees are making, and we look back at our sustainability at Freddie Mac in 2018:

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