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Document Custody Contacts

Important Mailing Addresses

Mortgage Purchase Operations
Freddie Mac
1551 Park Run Drive, MS D5D
McLean, VA 22102

General Inquires

Document Custodian Eligibility
*For Form 1035
Counterparty Credit Risk Management
1551 Park Run Drive, MS D3A
McLean, VA 22102


Form Submission

Submit Forms 1034S, Custodian Certification Schedule Summary or Form 1034SM, Custodian Certification Schedule Summary for Multiple Purchase Contracts, to Freddie Mac at the following e-mail address or fax number.

Fax: (703) 738-2141

Document Custody Contacts

Expertise Contact Phone Number
Mortgage Purchase Operations Director David Owens (571) 382-5226
Mortgage Purchase Operations Manager Ryan Lamb (571) 382-3386
Balloon Reset Certification Courtnay Clarke (571) 382-5543
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) Courtnay Clarke (571) 382-5543
Document Execution Wende Hart (571) 382-5264
Transfers of Document Custody Wende Hart (571) 382-5264

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