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Home Preservation

home preservation

We work with local, state, and national organizations to help borrowers keep their homes whenever possible.

Disaster Relief

In the wake of natural disasters, including Hurricane Sandy, we work with our servicers and nonprofits to help families get the information, mortgage relief and services they need to get back on their feet and rebuild their lives.

Foreclosure Prevention Workshops

We participate in foreclosure prevention workshops in all 50 states and the District of Columbia as part of our ongoing efforts to help borrowers overcome challenges they face with their mortgage.

Borrower Help Network

Our Borrower Help Network is a national foreclosure prevention phone hotline that also proactively reaches out to delinquent borrowers to engage them in the loan workout process.

Borrower Help Centers

With trusted nonprofits, we operate walk-in counseling centers in areas with significant concentrations of at-risk borrowers, including California, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, and Washington, D.C. Our Borrower Help Centers go beyond traditional mortgage counseling to provide borrowers with holistic financial counseling that assesses all of the debt and credit issues affecting their ability to pay their mortgage.

Take Root Community Stabilization Initiative

In Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee, and South Florida, our Take Root Community Stabilization Initiative helps build local coalitions that are united in a common goal to provide resources and assistance to members of their community that are facing foreclosure or want to buy a home.

Executive Perspectives

SVP Dwight Robinson

Stabilizing Communities Through Local Initiatives
By SVP of Human Resources, Diversity & Outreach and Chief Diversity Officer Dwight Robinson

Get the Facts on Foreclosure

Get the Facts on Foreclosure

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