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What We Purchase

The following list represents the various types of products and/or service categories that Freddie Mac typically purchases through its Supplier Diversity program. This list does not represent any current or future contract opportunities and is subject to change at any time at Freddie Mac’s sole discretion.

If your business meets the minimum qualifications for the products and services that Freddie Mac purchases through our Supplier Diversity program, you’re ready to get started. To be considered, please complete Freddie Mac’s Supplier Profile Questionnaire. Please note that submission of the questionnaire does not guarantee bid solicitations or awards nor does it apply to companies providing single or multifamily mortgage services.    

Accounting & Financial Services

  • Auditing
  • Risk Management
  • Governance/Controls/SOX Compliance
  • Modeling & Analytics
  • Underwriting

Architecture & Construction

  • Interior Design
  • Space Planning
  • General Contractor
  • Renovation

Computer Services

  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Lotus Notes
  • Data Center Hardware, Services, Supplies
  • Maintenance and Support Services
  • Peripherals
  • Storage

Consulting Services

  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Mortgage Industry

Facilities & Commercial Property Management

  • Building Equipment & Maintenance Services
  • Delivery/Mail Services
  • Janitorial Services & Supplies
  • Office Relocation
  • Waste Management

Food Services

  • On-Site Food Management & Services
  • Equipment & Supplies

Health & Fitness

  • On-Site Facility Management & Services
  • Equipment & Supplies

Human Resource Services

  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Diversity
  • Employee Relocation
  • Staff Development/Training

Investment Bank

  • Broker/Dealer


  • Corporate Affairs
  • Corporate Governance
  • Legislative and Regulatory
  • Litigation
  • Mortgage Law
  • Securities
  • Tax Law
  • Other

Media Services

Meeting/Convention Services

  • Trade Show Services
  • Transportation/Shuttle Services

Office Equipment/Supplies & Services

  • Office Equipment
  • Office Equipment Maintenance
  • Office Supplies

Printing/Mailing/Photography & Design

  • Editorial Services/Graphic Design/Photography
  • Mailing/Fulfillment
  • Printing
  • Promotional Items/Premiums
  • Quick Copy

Professional & Temporary Services

  • Accounting
  • Administrative/Clerical
  • Actuarial
  • Auditing
  • Benefits
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Management
  • Investigative Services

Storage Services

  • Bulk Storage
  • Records Storage

Equal Opportunity in Employment and Contracting   |   Supplier Diversity Policy

CEO Statement

Donald H. Layton, Chief Executive Officer

"A strong diversity program helps Freddie Mac’s business and allows us to more effectively meet the needs of all the communities we serve."

– Donald H. Layton, CEO

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