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National Homeownership Month

We’re proud to be part of the industry that
makes homeownership possible

Our Shared Passion

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Every day, Freddie Mac works with our industry partners to help families become successful homeowners. It's not just our job, it's our passion, because homeownership builds stronger communities for everyone. Together, we've made home possible nearly 75 million times since 1970.

How We Work Together


Housing Counselor

Helps millions of prospective homeowners improve their credit, manage their debt, and get them ready to buy a home.


Real Estate Pros

Helps prospective homeowners find the right home at the right price – and will likely be with them every step of the way during the homebuying process.



Guides prospective homeowners through the mortgage process, determining their eligibility and how much they can responsibly afford.


Freddie Mac

Keeps mortgage capital flowing by purchasing mortgage loans from lenders so they in turn can provide more loans to qualified borrowers.

The People We Help in Their Own Words

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"Owning a home means stability and sense of accomplishment. Being able to call a home mine makes me feel very safe."
Victoria and Ben – Pittsburgh, PA

Low Down Payment Mortgage Options

Video: Making Home Possible

Home Possible® gives qualified borrowers with limited down payment savings a responsible path to homeownership and lenders a new tool for reaching eligible working families ready to own a home of their own.

Learn More about Home Possible

Homebuying Resources to Share

Check out our Homebuying Tips and Insights

What Do Today's Mortgage Rates Mean for You?

Can you afford to buy a house? It's a question that's become more difficult to answer — especially because the data differs for everyone.

Get the Real Scoop on Down Payments

Believe that you need to make a down payment of at least 20% to buy a home? You have lots of company. Putting down that much money upfront certainly has benefits, but it's not required.

How Far Will Your Funds Go?

How much house you can afford is based on three factors: home prices, interest rates and your income. So before you start shopping, it's really important to figure out your budget and what you can comfortably afford.

The Chicken or The Egg of Real Estate

If you're looking to buy your second, or 'move up' home, you may be faced with the difficult decision of what to do first: list your home or make an offer. Follow along as we detail some important factors that may help you on your journey.

We’re Building a Better Housing Finance System

for homebuyers, homeowners, renters, lenders and taxpayers.

Over the last year, we provided
$415 billion
in mortgage funding to support homebuyers.

3% down
program is expanding access to credit for qualified homebuyers.

Over the last year, we helped
first-time homebuyers realize the dream of homeownership.