Your Community

Freddie Mac is in your neighborhood providing homeowner assistance, education, and other important resources that support you and your family.

By the Numbers

Through foreclosure prevention, outreach, and education, we're making a significant difference.

The expected time saved when completing a short sale under our enhanced program
3 million
Consumers we've educated through CreditSmart®, our financial education curriculum
Families we've helped avoid foreclosure since 2009

Since 2009, nearly 500,000 FAMILIES have obtained more affordable and sustainable payments through our loan modification programs, including HAMP®.

This amounts to an average yearly savings of $5,220 per family or $435 a month. That's more than 21 months of gas for the average household.*

Gas Pumps

*Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration


“Homeowner assistance remains one of Freddie Mac's top priorities. It's the right thing to do for families and communities.”

Tracy Mooney, senior vice president of Single-Family Servicing and
Real Estate Owned (REO)

Helping Homeowners, Helping the Nation

Our employees are passionate about the important work they do for homeowners and the nation.

“We're generating ideas, we're coming together as a team, and we're working to create solutions that keep families in their homes.”

“It's so rewarding to know that my work is helping families stay in their homes and easing some of their financial concerns.”

“Our purpose is to help make this a better country by supporting the housing and economic recovery that, in turn, helps your family and my family.”


Since 2009, we've helped more than 2.2 MILLION homeowners through HARP and our foreclosure prevention efforts.

Forty-five percent of these homeowners live in states hit hardest by the housing crisis.

Helping states recover

Community Stabilization

HomeSteps®, our unit responsible for marketing and selling Freddie Mac real estate owned (REO) homes, is committed to preserving home values and building strong neighborhoods.

HomeSteps sign
2/3 Paint roller 96% Sold sign

Selling more than 2/3 of our homes to owner-occupants
We're selling the majority of our homes to families who intend to live in and care for the homes they buy.

Ensuring our homes are maintained
Our “Good Neighbor” property preservation and maintenance best practices ensure that our homes are in move-in condition.

Selling our homes for 96% of market value
Most of our homes sell close to full estimated market value, preserving home values in neighborhoods.

Selling more homes than we're taking in
In 2012, we sold more homes than we took in and continue to reduce our national inventory of foreclosed homes.

We've partnered with the EPA's Energy Star Program to boost energy & water efficiency for multifamily properties.

Together we're:
  • Increasing affordability for rental housing
  • Reducing carbon pollution & energy wasted
Energy Star

A Place to Call Home

Fifteen years ago, we launched CreditSmart® to help consumers learn about credit, build strong financial literacy skills, and prepare for homeownership. The result? We're reaching millions – like Eleanor.

Meet Eleanor

Eleanor Gotell
“I came to the CreditSmart classes with no established credit and this program helped me to truly understand credit, as well as learn how to obtain and use credit cards effectively. I am eternally grateful to the program for helping me and my family.”
Eleanor's House

A single working mother from Atlanta who had a life-long dream of homeownership.

Her First Step

Eleanor attended a CreditSmart workshop, sponsored by the Freddie Mac Borrower Help Center in Georgia, to explore her options. Here she got the knowledge and support to become an informed homebuyer.

Her New Home

With the help of CreditSmart, housing counseling, and down payment assistance, she purchased her first home – a dream she thought was impossible.


The 30-year fixed serves communities well.

During the housing crisis, home prices were most stable in communities where long-term fixed-rate mortgages were most prevalent.

Average Home Price Depreciation

Helping Struggling Homeowners

During this critical time in the housing recovery, we remain committed to finding the best possible solutions for struggling homeowners by:

  • Expanding our relief options, including two new loan modification programs.
  • Simplifying our programs to streamline processes and reduce documentation requirements.
  • Responding to unique needs such as special mortgage relief options for service members and temporary relief for homeowners impacted by natural disasters.

Homes For Vets  Freddie Mac volunteers and Habitat for Humanity of Washington, D.C., join forces to support the 2013 Homes For Vets Campaign, helping to build homes for families of the U.S. Armed Forces.