Your Investment

With your investment, Freddie Mac is returning value to taxpayers, supporting sustainable housing opportunities, and moving the housing market forward.

By the Numbers

The work we do is making a difference – for taxpayers, the industry, and the broader economy.

$81.8 Billion
Dividends paid to taxpayers since 2009, including the March 2014 payment
Our single-family serious delinquency rate, among the lowest in the industry
Loans that make up our
post-2008 book-of-business

Since 2009, we've returned
$81.8 BILLION* in dividends to the U.S. taxpayers, exceeding the amount we received from the U.S. Treasury.

Our profitability has helped us return more than $47.6 billion to taxpayers in 2013 alone.
*Includes March 2014 payment

Chart of Payments to Treasury

A Stronger Company

  • Profitability – We've sustained profitability for nine quarters with a strong new book-of-business.
  • Market Leaders – We've built a new management team with high-caliber industry experience and continue to attract and retain top talent.
  • Innovation – We've introduced innovative ways to attract new sources of capital to the market and reduce taxpayer risk.
  • Customer Service – We've raised our single-family customer satisfaction scores by 14 percent.

The mortgages we've purchased since 2008 comprise 75% of our book-of-business.*

These mortgages promote sustainable homeownership, protect taxpayers, and foster a healthy housing market.
* This book includes HARP and other Relief Refinance Mortgages.

Our Book-of-Business

Providing Leadership and Expertise

Our people are providing important expertise to support the future of housing finance.

“I'm doing something that I feel is important for the nation – and it helps people. It's rebuilding the entire mortgage finance system.”

“At Freddie Mac, we are on the ground floor helping the industry to understand what is going on in the market today, how it is changing, and how it is likely to change in the future.”

“What we strive to do is continue to work with our servicers, the administration, and our regulator to preserve homeownership for America's families.”


Relevant, Interactive & Timely

MiMi – our new housing index – helps you understand how your housing market is doing today, over time, and compared to other markets.

MiMi on a Monitor

Strong Loans = Fewer Delinquencies

Our serious delinquency rates are among the lowest in the industry:

Single-Family is 2.39% – the industry average is 5.65%*
Single-Family Delinquency Rate Chart

*Source: Mortgage Bankers Association
National Delinquency Survey

Multifamily is .09% – the average for the MF CMBS Market is 6.24%**
Multifamily Delinquency Rate Chart

**Source: TREPP (CMBS multifamily 60+
delinquency rate, excluding REO)


We are shifting risk away from taxpayers to private investors, paving the way for the future of housing finance.

Since 2009, we've executed more than $72 billion of transactions that involved the transfer of risk from taxpayers to private investors.

Chart of Multifamily Business Growth
In the News

“Some investors credit Freddie with almost single-handedly reopening the market for commercial MBS, which shut down during the credit crisis.”
Financial Times, May 2, 2013

“Overall, the loans securitized in Freddie Mac transactions have superior credit characteristics and lower default rates relative to typical conduit/fusion loans.”
Standard & Poor's pre-sale report on Freddie Mac's 2013-K712 issuance, April 2013


Since we were founded in 1970, we've
made home possible for nearly 62 MILLION of America's families.

We've provided nearly $8 trillion of mortgage financing since our inception – bringing stability, liquidity, and affordability to the housing market.

Chart of Multifamily Business Growth

Shaping the Future Through Standardization

We're setting industry standards that improve the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of housing finance.

Establishing consistent policies and processes for servicers working with distressed homeowners – keeping more homeowners in their homes.

Developing consistent data standards for loans and appraisals – providing more certainty in the underwriting process.

Launching tools and new requirements to manage risk – fostering better quality loan originations and underwriting.


“It's exciting to be part of this important endeavor. We are present at the creation of something truly significant.”

Stephen Clinton, senior vice president of Strategic Initiatives